5 High Maintenance Bathroom Trends

High Maintenance Bathroom Trends

These high maintenance bathroom trends can look instagram worthy, but when it’s time for use in the real world, they can lose their appeal.

Inspiration for bathroom design is often sought from online – whether from Pinterest, Houzz, Instagram or even Bathroom Galleries.

But there are some designs which are best left as someone else’s problem to deal with.

Sometimes an amazing bathroom feature can lack in functionality and require extra maintenance.

Before you fall into the trap of investing in one of these high maintenance bathroom trends, read the following pain points.

The temporary pain may be worth it for the look. Or you may change your mind to save your future sanity.

5 high maintenance bathroom trends

1. Freestanding Claw Bath

A freestanding claw bath is the ultimate focal point in the bathroom. But it also can be a magnet for dust bunnies and hair nests.

Think about what is revealed beneath the sofa when it’s moved.

The same can be said for a freestanding claw bath. The void under the bath can be a hidden tunnel of human shedding.

The high edges of this bath can also make it difficult to get in and out. A lack of a ledge can make it hard to store bathing products.

Another pain point is keeping the water inside the bath if you decide to combine with a shower. The use of a shower curtain is not always effective or appealing.

2. Wall Hung Vanity

A wall hung vanity can make a bathroom look bigger than it is. It elongates the floor surface area.

However the void underneath the vanity, just like the claw bath, is notorious for dust accumulation.

Wall hung vanities are also typically smaller and offer less storage. It can be a game of tetris fitting a family’s toiletry products in the vanity.

3. Vessel Basins and Shallow Above Counter Basins

Vessel basins will always require extra cleaning underneath the bowl. Again, it’s another space where makeup powder and water seem to accumulate.

Splash back is more common in vessel basins and shallow above counter basins because the short distance between the tap spout and basin often causes water to splash onto the mirror.

Vessel basins can also make it difficult for little ones to wash their hands or brush their teeth. Be prepared to use a stool and wipe down the area after the kids have used the bathroom.

4. Pop-up Waste

The pop-up waste is trendy in design and it’s popular in basins. You can purchase different colours to match with your tapware.

But these pop-up wastes are notorious for getting stuck or blocked up with hair and toothpaste.

chrome pop up waste in white vessel basin
Image by Bathroom Tech

Be prepared to regularly clean these wastes to avoid them getting stuck, or commit to having money put away to replace when they do get stuck and can’t be fixed.

Tip: If your pop-up waste won’t pop up, unscrew the basin waste trap and use a screw driver to pop-up the waste.

5. Black Tiles

Black tiles can look super chic but they will require regular cleaning.

Any type of black fixture or surface will show water marks and soap scum easily. The only time it will ever look Instagram worthy is after they’ve been cleaned.

If you must have black tiles on the floor, opt for at tile with a white vein so it will camouflage water and soap marks.

Which high maintenance bathroom trends have you discovered from experience?