5 Home Improvement Projects You Should Consider Outsourcing

home improvement

This post has been written in collaboration with AdaptIt

We all know renovating a home or giving a room a facelift can do wonders for the house in terms of style and value. With Google at your fingertips, it’s not hard to search for a DIY project to update the interior of your home. But not all DIY projects go to plan. What may seem easy when done on TV or YouTube, can be a different reality trying to replicate at home. Here are 5 Home Improvement Projects you should consider outsourcing to the professionals.

1. Blinds. So many hardware and homeware stores sell ready-made blinds that can be hung yourself with the help of a power drill. What you may not be aware of is that these blinds won’t necessarily suit all windows. Finding ready-made blinds can be a nightmare if you’re looking for a specific size (hello my house with larger than normal windows!). Opt for a professional installer like AdaptIt to install your blinds so you don’t swear yourself silly, wasting time finding the right size.


2. Painting is definitely a job that anyone can have a go at in their home, but if you have a big area to paint and a few feature walls, it might pay to outsource to a professional painter who will leave a perfect finish in those pesky corners that always seem to look messy when done yourself. You only have to watch The Block and see how hard it can be for the contestant to get their painting right. It can be a hard job to get right when done under extreme pressure and time constraints.

professional painting

3. Tiling. Tiling is not a licensed trade, so you can give it a crack if you’re keen to save some cash. Attention to detail is a must and often it’s a skill that is developed over time which is why tilers are so good at what they do. If you’re not so great at matching patterns or laying tiles in a straight line – and trust me I’ve seen some dodgy tiling done by clients in the past, hire a tiler to install the tiles for you.


4. Interior Styling. Hiring a stylist to change the interior of your home can often be seen as an indulgence. But a good interior stylist will ensure your home looks how you want it to, without the need of overbuying homewares and cushions that don’t match with the aesthetic of your home. Stylists can bring your vision to life. They can also help you avoid budget blow outs when buying new décor.

interior styling

5. Landscaping. Plant a few trees, lay some grass and the yard can be done all in a day’s work. Except landscaping is now an art and requires skill in knowing what plants will work together when planted and layered in the garden. If you want to make a grand statement to the appearance of your home, consider using a landscaper to design your front and backyard. Your landscaper will recommend plants due to the style of your home, climate of where you live and your lifestyle.


All plumbing and electrical jobs should be done by a licensed tradesperson. Not engaging in a licensed tradie means you are breaking the law and you’re opening yourself to being fined and having plumbing or electrical problems in the future.

Not all DIY projects can be a disaster. If you are handy on the tools and confident with your skills, why not give that home improvement project a go? Just be aware that it may take you double the time to complete it and you may not get the near perfect result you would expect if you had hired a professional to do it for you.

What home improvement jobs have you outsourced to the professionals?

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