5 Ways to Maximise Space in a Small Laundry

5 ways to maximise space in a small laundry

If you’re after ways to maximise space in a small laundry, these 5 design tips will help.

A small laundry can be both functional and stylish, where everything needed for washing and drying clothes holds its own purpose. Yet at times, functional laundries can have all the bells and whistles yet feel too boxed in.

Laundries have come a long way from being a utilitarian, forgotten area at the back of the garage which can feel neglected when space is minimal.

If you’re lucky to have a dedicated laundry room and wish to make the most out of a compact space, follow these 5 design tips.

Conceal the plumbing

A clear bench can create the illusion of a spacious laundry even if it’s in a small room. Concealing the plumbing in laundry can create a clean look and less clutter.  Waste and water pipes can easily be diverted by a licensed plumber and concealed behind cabinetry.

conceal plumbing to maximise space in a small laundry
Photo by Demardi

Installing a tub toward the end of the laundry can draw the eye down the room. But installing an undermount sink with wall mounted tapware can also create the illusion of bench space. Wise plumbing decisions can make your laundry feel more spacious that it is.

Place appliances together

Whether you choose to place appliances on top or beside each other, keeping appliances together creates a uniform and practical look. Appliances installed side by side can make the laundry look longer, while mounting appliances above each other can give the illusion of a taller space.

Washing appliances installed next to each other to maximise space in laundry
Photo by Lux Interiors

Choose a lighter, neutral colour palette

A colour palette that is lighter in neutral shades of white, light grey or blonde timbers can make your laundry look brighter and larger. Keep the same tone from the cabinetry to the splashback and walls. This is an effective tip used to make smaller bathrooms look bigger too.

Embrace light

The brighter and lighter a room looks, the more spacious it feels. Embrace natural light through the use of skylights, floor to ceiling sliding doors or large windows to allow the outside light in. Cooler lights and LED strip lighting under above bench cabinetry can also brighten your small laundry.

Utilise shelves and rails for storage

Storage in a laundry is often sought with the installation of a bench and cabinetry. However, utilising shelves and rails for extra storage will maximise the space in your laundry.

A rail is practical for hanging clothes that need to be steamed/ironed or need a bit longer to air dry and shelves are a workable surface to display everyday items like washing liquids and softeners for easy reach. Minimising the items on display in your laundry can certainly maximise the space so be intentional on the products needed.

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