5 Ways to Use Timber in an Outdoor Area

5 ways to use timber in outdoor area

This post has been written in collaboration with Thomsons Outdoor Pine

When Jacob and I were looking at houses, we wanted a built in outdoor entertaining area. It didn’t have to be big, but it had to be large enough to entertain guests outside.

Outdoor areas have become a mandatory space for Australian homes in the last decade or so. People like to dine outdoors or have the option of extra space to allow for indoor/outdoor entertaining.

Any outdoor area can be styled enough to create a welcoming atmosphere; and the best way for the outdoor area to have a homely feel is through the use of timber.

Timber is a popular material used in outdoor areas because it looks good, it’s durable and practical to install.

It’s important to consider the correct type of timber when deciding which one to use for a certain area. Thomsons Outdoor Pine are the experts when installing timber in outdoor areas. Their team can offer advice on the best design for your property. They also have the right team of tradespeople to conduct the installation.

If you’re planning to use timber in your outdoor area, here are 5 applications you may want to consider.

5 Ways to Use Timber in an Outdoor Area

Timber Deck

Timber decks are by far the most popular application of timber in outdoor areas. Their natural aesthetic can add value to your property, while offering a stunning and durable floor surface for outdoor entertaining.

timber deck in outdoor area
Image via Thomsons Outdoor Pine


A pergola is an erected structure that can provide your outdoor area shelter from the weather or shade from the sun. There are a lot of considerations when choosing a timber pergola. You have to decide on the pergola’s use which also determines whether its roof should be covered or open and pitched or flat. A timber pergola can make all the difference to the appearance of your outdoor living space.

timber outdoor pergola area
Image via Thomsons Outdoor Pine


Cladding can hide an ugly wall, while providing a natural setting to your outdoor area. Timber cladding can enhance the feel of the outdoor area as it offers a timeless look which extends itself to the natural elements.

Timber cladding can also be used to create a feature wall and you’re not limited on design as it can be installed vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Timber cladding is timeless in its appeal and adds resale value to your home.

Luigi Rosselli Architects - Paddington Terrace House

Privacy Screen

Privacy screens are a must for outdoor areas as they can shield unwanted peeps from the neighbours, while also blocking noise and even the sun if positioned in the right spot. A timber privacy screen can add a ‘hideaway’ feel while creating a lavish haven to the outdoor area. The most popular choice is a horizontal design, however, vertical installations can look stunning and shield just as well.

privacy screen outdoor area
Image via Thomsons Outdoor Pine

Handrails & Balustrades

If your outdoor area is elevated, handrails and balustrades are a must for safety. But just because they’re mandatory, doesn’t mean they need to look ugly. Timber handrails and balustrades can break up an outdoor area by offering a modern look while blending in with the outdoors, naturally. The handrails can be chosen to coordinate with the style of your home and to match the existing décor. Stainless steel wires have a wide appeal as they are sleek, contemporary and offer an unblocked view of the outdoors.

timber balustrade outdoor area
Image via Thomsons Outdoor Pine

Choosing the right timber feature can make your outdoor area a stunning spot to retreat to. The right timber structure and installation will ensure you’re making the most out of your outdoor space.

Are you a fan of timber in outdoor areas? Which is your favourite application?

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