How to add a bathroom to an existing home using a deck


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House Rules is a show you either love or hate. When I watched the renovation of the first home I was really scared about what would be produced, and I have to admit, I didn’t like what I saw in that first house reveal.

Twitter was going off about how terrible the designs were in that first home. I had to agree.

But I couldn’t stop watching and I had to remember that these couples had little renovating experience and that it would take time for them to find their feet.

It seems that each team got better with their design choices as the show went on and there have been some really interesting out-of-the-box ideas especially in the kitchen and bathroom areas.

The addition of an ensuite or powder room to each of the team’s homes was a great move because it not only adds value to a home; it provides convenience for growing families too.

But not all homes have the capacity to be changed on the inside to include an additional bathroom, so what can be done if this is the case for your home?

It may be that you need to think literally outside the box of your home and incorporate an outdoor bathroom.

Outdoor bathrooms are not a new concept and have been trending since being incorporated in shows like The Block. But there are some things that need to be considered before looking at how to add a bathroom to an existing home .

  • Is the existing plumbing to your house easily accessible to provide the necessary drainage for the waste pipes for the new bathroom? Will there be enough fall in the pipes to the main house sewer? Your plumber will be able to guide you with this.
  • Is your home single or double storey? Depending on the location of the main bedroom, do you want to create an ensuite or another bathroom space the whole family can use? This will determine if you install the bathroom on the first floor or second.
  • Is there an existing patio or deck space that can be changed to incorporate an outdoor bathroom?
  • If there is no deck or outdoor patio, can one be added? Additions Building specialize in outdoor extensions and can give advice on the best way to add an outdoor area to your home.
  • Will the cost of extending add value to your home or could it be better spent on upgrading to a bigger home?
  • Where is your location? An outdoor bathroom can work well for a home in QLD, but not so great for home down south where it can be really cold in winter with a lot of rain. The bathroom design may need to incorporate a roof and use of walls to keep the bathroom sheltered.

When designed well, an outdoor bathroom can be a dream space to indulge in whether used as an ensuite or extra bathroom space the whole family can share.

What do you think about outdoor bathrooms? A trendy indulgence or an impractical use of outdoor space?

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