Art Deco Bathroom Ideas

Art deco bathroom ideas

The modern Art Deco Bathroom is characterized by geometric patterns, symmetrical shapes, bold flooring and ornate tapware.

Art Deco Bathroom Mood board Ideas

This style of bathroom will suit an older style home or apartment, with distinct heritage or federation features. It’s a popular design when trying to modernize an older home to its former glory to keep within a classic theme.

Art Deco got its name after becoming the most popular architectural style in the 1920s. Geometric shapes, symmetrical lines, stained-glass windows and grandeur accents in brass and gold are all key to the Art Deco design.

If you thought this design meant a bathroom like this, think again.

black and white art deco bathroom

Bathrooms with an Art Deco design will include a few of the following distinguished features

  • Black and white tiled floor
  • Opulent Mirror
  • Ornamental or distinct tapware
  • Geometric shapes in flooring, wall coverings and light fittings
  • Stain-glassed windows
  • Clawfoot Bath
  • Sconces

The most popular Art Deco bathroom styles will incorporate a black and white colour scheme.

The tapware can vary in finish depending on whether it’s drawn from a classic era or  modernised with the use of matte black tapware.

Here are some Modern Art Deco Bathrooms to Inspire

Geometric black and white flooring with gold tapware gives a modern nod to Art Deco.

modern art deco bathroom
Image by Greenstruct
Black accents in the hardware and tapware compliment this bathroom. It’s got subtle hints to the Art Deco era with the flooring and window details.

If geometric shapes are too bold for you, incorporate Art Deco accents with the mirror, vanity handles and sconces.

Stained glass windows can be a focal feature in an Art Deco bathroom.

stain glassed windows in art deco bathroom
Image by Decoroom

The mirror with the black and white floor tiles certainly execute the Art Deco theme with a modern twist using subway tiles on the walls.

art deco bathroom black and white floor tile
Image by Brilliant SA

A symmetrical mirror with an intricate border using a rounded edge can soften the bold, sharp angles of geometric shapes.

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