Bathroom Colour Schemes That Won’t Date

Bathroom colour schemes that won't date

When considering bathroom colour schemes, there is always an underlying concern on whether it will date quickly.

You want to get it right the first time because

1. It’s usually a big outlay of time and cost for a bathroom reno

2. You’re going to be living with it for the next 10-20 years before the next reno

I believe plumbers can offer great advice on which bathroom colour schemes date well as they are the ones often going back to bathrooms to service them. While white taps could look like a trendy choice against that black tiled splash back today, but in 10 years’ time they may not look so white. Thankfully taps can be changed quite easily.

Here are 4 bathroom colour schemes that won’t date. I think it’s important to mention  when choosing the colours for your bathroom, choose what you’re drawn to, and in quality materials you can afford.

Also, if you really want to make a statement with colour – choose taps or fixtures which can be easily changed over when the colour starts to fade. In no way do I want to encourage an ‘out with the old, in with the new approach’ as those taps and fixtures swapped for the sake of colour just adds to landfill.  However,  this can be an affordable update in the future rather than ripping down walls and tiles for a whole new renovation.

Bathroom Colour Schemes That Won’t Date

bathroom colour schemes that won't date

Black and White

Black and white bathrooms are one of the popular, and probably safest colour schemes to use if you want to get maximum years out of your bathroom.


It’s classic and works well with a number of different interior trends. Best of all the taps and fixtures in this colour scheme are affordable and easily accessible.

All Shades of Grey

There is a good reason why so many bathrooms on The Block use a variety of greys in their bathrooms – it’s a timeless colour scheme which can create the perfect base for timber accents and colour pops to add interest.


I have grey and white bathrooms in our house and it’s 14 years old. The bathrooms still look modern and I still think we can get another decade out of our bathrooms before we think of renovating.


The key to successfully using grey in the bathroom is not using too much or choosing a monochromatic scale so the bathroom doesn’t look dark and cagey. But if that’s the look you are after for your bathroom, who am I to disagree with you?

Navy and White

Like black and white, navy bathrooms are fresh and are the perfect base to add an accent colour like pink, red or even orange.


Think navy subway tiles or a navy vanity – if you love a contrasting bathroom scheme that is not as bold as black and white, this one is definitely a colour scheme to consider.

Neutrals With Light Tones

White always looks fresh, but a light neutral like beige interwoven with grey and black can add warmth to a dark bathroom. Lighter neutrals will also make a small bathroom look bigger. Lighter neutrals also lend themselves well to natural materials like stone and timber.

Bathroom colour schemes that won't date
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What bathroom colour schemes would you add to the list?

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