Bathroom Trends for 2020

bathroom trends for 2020

If you’re renovating or building a new bathroom this year, you’re going to be interested in reading what the bathroom trends for 2020 are.

I wrote a presentation about this topic July last year to be presented to architects and interior designers in Malaysia. After reading what I had collated for the presentation, the trends are certainly evident in bathrooms being shared on social media today.

Now I always preface these types of posts with… choose what you love, not what’s on trend. Remember you have to live with your bathroom for the next 10 -15 years.

It requires a large investment of time and money to get the bathroom right. The planning is crucial when designing your new bathroom. If you need some inspiration with your planning, check out what is popular for 2020.

Bathroom Trends for 2020


The desire for a day spa look in the bathroom is not going to wane. In fact, bathrooms are going up a notch with introducing urban jungles or ‘living walls’ to bring the outside in.

Work and information follows us home due to the advancement of mobile phones and having the internet at our fingertips. While it can be convenient, it can also lead to fatigue. So it’s even more important for the bathroom to be an escape from technology. It’s no longer just a place for hygiene, it’s a place for rest and retreat.

Skylights and natural light are essential in bathrooms for 2020. Large windows backing onto a garden or a lush tree backdrop are essential. They are a more practical alternative to the living wall.

The inclusion of plants is going to increase for bathrooms that don’t have a garden outlook. Natural world colours of green and blue will be highly favoured.

bathroom trends for 2020
Photo by smarterBATHROOMS

Bathrooms on the whole will become smaller due to the decrease of floor space in newly built houses. Less is more when approaching a small bathroom. There will be an increase demand for interior designers and/or architects to ensure the design will work for your needs. Renovators will be keen to get it right the first time.


Brushed metallics will reign in tapware in 2020. The most popular is brushed gold.

Photo by Fido Projects

Wall mixers and wall mounted tapware allow for more bench space and elevates the eye. It allows for these finishes to stand out against a tiled splashback. Matte black and brushed nickel are also popular, but the gold, brass and copper tones will reign in preference this year.

bathroom trends for 2020 tiger bronze tapware
Styling and Photography: Ziink Interiors, Tapware: Meir Australia


The vanity is an opportunity to add interest to the bathroom, but also make the bathroom more practical too.

Multipurpose vanities with double basins, or one basin and a sitting bench for makeup application gives the bathroom more practicality for traffic.

multipurpose vanity in bathroom trends for 2020
Builder: Graya, Architect: Joe Adsett Architects, Photo by Scott Burrows

If you have a small bathroom, the freestanding vanity is also a trend we’ll see more of. With a focus on upcycling and reducing waste, that buffet or sideboard could be converted to a vanity, making it unique a focal point in the bathroom.


The freestanding bath still reigns supreme. Higher the end, the better to allow for relaxation and the ability to fit into a small space.

freestanding bath for bathroom trends 2020
Photo by By Bruno

We will see deeper baths with inspiration from the Japanese soak tubs where full body immersion is possible.


The focus on showers still remains the same with the integration of two shower heads – a rain shower head and hand-held shower. A single plane of glass to protect the bathroom from water offers a minimalist yet practical approach for water spray.

bathroom trends 2020 bronze tapware
Design and Build: Graya, Photographer: Fast Focus, Tapware: Meir Australia

Shower niches will become more prevalent to remove unnecessary accessories from the bathroom.


The patterned black and white tile will be overtaken by Moroccan concrete tiles. Larger tile surfaces will still be classic for their minimal grout lines, but grout is making a comeback.

 Sculptural and patterned tiles add a 3D element to the bathroom. The subway tile is no longer laid horizontally, but vertically.

Earthy colours of rust, terracotta and mustard are popular in patterned tiles. Whether they will date quickly… it’s anyone’s guess. Black and white patterned tiles are classics which won’t wane.


Natural stone, marble and terrazzo are key players in bathroom materials. While timber is popular, a vanity with a neutral stone benchtop offers clean lines and is less susceptible to water damage.

Which bathroom trends for 2020 will you be incorporating into your bathroom?