What Was With The Block Laundry Reveals Last Night?

the block laundry reveals 2017

The Block laundry reveals were quite interesting last night. A lot of things that I thought could have been done better, were glossed over by the judges.

Whenever I write my posts about The Block, I generally share the rooms that involve plumbing. But I couldn’t not share Jason and Sarah’s amazing hallway. I loved it. It feels so much bigger than the other contestant’s hallways. I think that is going to be a huge drawcard for buyers because first impressions are important. I think that alone should have scored them the win. But in a twist move, the judges gave it to another couple. Maybe the $10,000 they ‘won’ last week could be seen as paid in lieu.

Jason and Sarah's Hallway
Jason and Sarah’s Hallway

Anyway, their laundry and enclosed toilet were really well done. My only criticism is the expense of the fixtures in the laundry. A gold gooseneck mixer and a gold inset sink? Did it really need to be in the laundry, which is essentially a working room of the house? It seems many couples chose a smaller inset sink, instead of a larger tub. If these houses are going to house families, then having a sink that can soak clothes is an important consideration. Unless everyone soaks their clothes in the washing machine?

jason and sarah's laundry and toilet


jason and sarah's laundry


Jason and sarah's toilet

Ronnie and Georgia’s hallway felt quite enclosed to me with the arches. In fact I think it dated their house. I did like their laundry with the tiles and they were the only couple to put in a larger sink in the laundry. Unfortunately the couple didn’t finish (but they weren’t the only ones) and little things like the absence of an ironing board cupboard and the issue with the airers were things that cost them points with the judges last night. I’m sure they can be fixed at a later date.

ronnie and georgia's laundry


ronnie and georgia's tolet

Hannah and Clint’s laundry and toilet were my least favourite. While I do love a room that can double in use, having an open toilet in the laundry… it’s not a design I’ve ever liked myself. No one wants to smell a number two or a dried up number one on the floor while they are loading the washing machine, or taking washed clothes out. I also felt the cupboards enclosed the space. Felt a bit claustrophobic for me.

hannah and clint laundry

Sticks and Wombat’s laundry ended up winning last night. I think their hallway and the way that was styled, was what won the judges over – not because it was done well, but because it was different to their previous styling. The hallway has little correlation to the rest of the home, I think. The only clever thing that I thought was cool was the retractable ladder from the ceiling for storage in the roof space.

sitcks and wombat's laundry


sticks and wombat's laundry


sticks and wombat's toilet

Josh and Elyse’s space was the one that least impressed the judges with the lack of cupboards or linen space, and yet when I look at the photos I just don’t get it. They also picked up the exclusion of an additional toilet. As Elyse explained there are two toilets in the house, is there really a need for more? If the other houses have an additional toilet, buyers may think so. I think it’s one less toilet to clean in the house, yet having a toilet closer to the living area could be beneficial when having guests over. I think their enclosed drying room was a great addition and will be much needed with the Melbourne weather.

josh and elyse laundry


josh and elyse laundry

It was a big week getting the hallway, laundry and toilets finished in a week. It was understandable why some couples didn’t get to finish. And the cleaning was not up to standard. You can see the dust on the furniture and marks on fixtures. The couples were really pushed for time this week.

One thing I’m over at the moment is the constant drama that the show initiates. I’m not sure if that is to boost ratings during the week, but for the many friends I talk about the show with, it’s actually made them only tune in on Sunday night.

You can check out all the photos from the reveals last night, here.

So tell me, what did you think of the laundry reveals last night? Which space was your favourite? Did you pick up any design flaws? I always love hearing your thoughts.