The Block Triple Threat Bathroom Reveals


The Block Triple Threat Bathroom Reveals were on last night and I was very interested to see how each couple would go in producing a renovated bathroom in 72 hours.

These time frames honestly give me heart palpitations and I’m not the one doing them! Just knowing the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to renovate a bathroom leaves me questioning the quality of the bathrooms produced, but I was amazed at what they achieved.

First up we have Tim and Anastasia. I loved their tile choice in the shower and the above counter basin on the wood floating vanity. The judges did think there were too many tile textures in the bathroom, but I think they got away with using them because they stuck to the same light colour scheme. This technique of using light colours on the walls and floors gives the illusion the bathroom is bigger than it is.  Overall I think they created a great bathroom and I’m glad that they got their place in the top 3.

Image Source : The Block Tim & Anastasia's bathroom
Image Source : The Block Tim & Anastasia’s bathroom
Image Source: Tim & Anastasia's vanity and toilet
Image Source: Tim & Anastasia’s vanity and toilet

Next was this moroccan style bathroom from Jess & Ayden. The moment the judges walked into this bathroom, I felt claustrophobic and I wasn’t even in there! As much as I loved the Moroccan feature tile, I felt it was too overwhelming in the bathroom so I agreed with the judges opinion there. I liked the mirror and simple choice of white fixtures. Again the floating wood vanity made an appearance. I’m yet to decided whether I like the open look because cupboards can hide multiple bathroom products. It was still a lovely presented bathroom and as a result Jess & Ayden scored a place in the competition.

Image Source: Jess & Ayden's Moroccan Style Bathroom
Image Source: Jess & Ayden’s Moroccan Style Bathroom
Image Source: Jess & Ayden's vanity and toilet
Image Source: Jess & Ayden’s vanity and toilet

I really wish the third bathroom was finished because I really loved the tiles in the shower. It was a shame Luke and Ebony weren’t able to finish their bathroom, but it just shows how hard it is to produce a bathroom in the time specified. The mini vanity basin with what looks to me as a tall sink mixer looked ridiculous. I may need to watch the back episodes to find out why they were chosen for the bathroom. I’m sad that Luke and Ebony were eliminated because I had really enjoyed their style in the previous challenges.

Image Source: Love this tile used in Luke & Ebony's bathroom
Image Source: Love this tile used in Luke & Ebony’s bathroom
Image Source: Luke and Ebony's unfinished bathroom
Image Source: Luke and Ebony’s unfinished bathroom
Image Source: Luke & Ebony's vanity and toilet
Image Source: Luke & Ebony’s vanity and toilet

The last bathroom by Josh and Charlotte was my favourite. It was simple and no fuss. I think what won me over in this bathroom was the concealed storage behind the mirror. That was clever and made the bathroom so much more practical. In terms of fixtures I liked how they followed a square theme from the shower head to the basin and mixer. I was not surprised that Josh and Charlotte got through. Did anyone else find Charlotte’s personal career interesting? Her eye for styling definitely has my attention for the future episodes.

Image Source: Josh & Charlotte's Bathroom
Image Source: Josh & Charlotte’s Bathroom
Josh & Charlotte's vanity
Image Source: Josh & Charlotte’s vanity

Did you watch The Block last night and which bathroom was your favourite? I’m linking up with With Some Grace for FYBF.