Have Yourself a DIY Christmas With a Pallet Christmas Tree

pallet christmas tree

I love when readers send through pictures of their creations. I love it because their handiwork will impress me, and often it impresses me so much, I have to share it on the blog. Today I’m sharing how one reader, Emma, made a Pallet Christmas Tree – basically a Christmas tree out of a pallet.

pallet christmas tree idea

Before I became a plumber, I worked in the transport industry. I worked for a subsidiary company of TNT for around 3 years. So I know a thing or two about pallets.


Sometimes pallets can be hard to come by. We have one sitting in our garage, as our new BBQ was delivered on it and the driver left the pallet. This is usually a rare occurrence as pallets are valuable for moving freight and usually the delivery driver will take it so it can be reused.

Lucky for us, we still have our pallet and could definitely make one of this Pallet Christmas trees.

When Emma mentioned on my Facebook page that she was going to make a pallet Christmas tree, I was curious and asked if she could share it with me when she completed it. She has not only shared it with me, she has allowed me to share her project with you.

Pallet Christmas Tree – Steps to Make One Yourself

The Pallet Christmas Tree seems to be a fairly easy project to do. The hardest part is ensuring each side of the tree is the same gradient, to create a balanced tree.  Emma was able to do that with her tree. Once the tree was sawn into shape, it needed to be sanded. Nails were hammered in to allow for decoration hanging and the whole tree got a spray of Wattyl Furniture Weatherguard to seal the timber and protect the tree.

sanding pallet christmas tree

pallet christmas tree

pallet christmas tree

pallet christmas tree

I love the rustic and simplistic look of the tree. The whole family got involved in making it. It doesn’t take much time to hand decorations on it.

hang christmas pallet christmas tree

Unfortunately, Emma’s son, Mr 4, was not impressed after they decorated the tree. He wanted a tree that looked like the ones on TV and in Christmas books. If only he understood how pinworthy this pallet tree is!

pallet christmas tree

Thank you Emma for sharing your pallet Christmas Tree with us. Even if Mr 4 is not impressed, The Plumbette was certainly impressed and it’s now officially on the internet.

christmas pallet tree

If you are renovating, building, or are in the process of remodeling furniture, I would love to feature your project on The Plumbette for 2018. Feel free to email me via my contact page.

What kind of Christmas Tree do you have? What is the most unique Christmas Tree you’ve ever seen?