Embracing Colour in the Bathroom

embracing colour in the bathroom - how to incorporate colour without dating the bathroom

There are so many ways to embrace colour in the bathroom.

As we’ve seen on The Block last week, colour can be introduced by installing a coloured basin to painting the walls.

jimmy and tams peach bathroom
Jimmy and Tam’s guest bathroom from The Block 2020

Most people opt for a neutral colour scheme in the bathroom  as it won’t date and is more attractive to potential buyers if the property is put on the market.

But if you have no intentions to sell, why not embrace colour in your bathroom?

How to get the bathroom colour scheme right

When designing your bathroom, there are plenty of colours to choose from.

Opt for colours you love and can with live for 15-20 years and consider how they will work with the interior style of your home.

Blues will work in a Hamptons or coastal interior.

Oranges, mustards and reds will work well in a boho or eclectic style.

Greens are often chosen in architectural or contemporary styled homes.

Colours which are trending now, won’t necessarily be the trend in a years time so that’s why it’s best to choose a colour scheme you love.

Decide how many colours you wish to embrace in the bathroom. It’s best to stick with 2 or 3 colours and abide by the 70/20/10 rule.

70% of the bathroom should be in the lightest shade, 20% the next lightest and the darkest shade should be 10%.

If you decide to only use 2 colours, the darker colour should be 30% and the lighter colour 70% in the room.

Rules can be broken too. If you’re unsure on how to get the colour balance right, get an interior designer to help you.

 Ways to introduce colour into the bathroom

These are the main ways to bring colour into the bathroom

Ideas for embracing colour in the bathroom

Not all the bathrooms shared below are going to be your cup of tea, but they are examples of ways colour can be explored in a modern bathroom.

pink penny tile in bathroom
Photo by Sublime Spaces
terracotta red vanity in white bathroom
Photo by Mihaly Slocombe
orange kit kat tile in bathroom
Photo by JG King Homes
red and orange floor tile in all white bathroom
Photo by GIA Bathrooms
green tile in modern bathroom
Photo by GIA Bathrooms
blue vanity in all white bathroom
Photo by Jumble and Stack

As you can see, embracing colour in the bathroom doesn’t have to be too bright!

Which bathrooms with colour appeal to you?