How to Choose the Right Tapware for Your Home

How to choose the right tapware for your home - Meir Mixer tap in curved white kitchen.

Consider these tips on how to choose the right tapware for your home. Functionality, design and quality are all equal considerations. But a lifetime guarantee should be the deciding factor when making your selections.

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Decision making in a short time frame is a normal part of the building and renovating process. However, it can feel daunting once choices are made, to ensure the materials chosen will work together for the overall look and functional purpose of the room.

To ease overwhelm when making selections for the wet areas of your home, considerations should be made on how to choose the right tapware for your home.

While budget can be a big motivator, it shouldn’t be the driving force. Building or renovating are processes you don’t want to have to redo twice. Getting the right tapware installed can give peace-of-mind with your selection choice and future longevity of a functional wet space.

WaterMark Label is a must

Whatever tapware you choose for your bathroom, kitchen, laundry, powder room and even your outdoor kitchen must display the WaterMark label.

Outdoor kitchen mixer with pull out spray by Meir. Lifetime guarantee.
Image supplied by Meir

The WaterMark label is a certification stamp on the tapware to confirm it has been certified by authorities and conforms to the Plumbing Code of Australia.

If your chosen tapware does not have the WaterMark label, it is illegal for your plumber to install it. Tapware without the WaterMark has not been checked nor certified to ensure its fit for purpose and meets relevant Australian Standards relating to product quality, including health and safety.​

Type of Finish

The availability of tapware colours gives many builders and renovators plentiful choices for their chosen finish. It’s important to find out what type of finish has been applied to your chosen tapware. The type of process will determine the durability of the finish.

The three main processes used to create colour finishes for tapware are powder coating, electroplating and physical vapour deposition (PVD) coating.

PVD is considered the most robust and hard-wearing of finishes with a consistent colour deposit process which produces a uniform colour on the tapware and is durable in hardworking areas.

Powder coated tapware is considered a budget friendly finish and will fade with use, however it is available in a variety of colours.

Electroplated is the most common of finishes available in Australia, but if you’re after the best finish, PVD coating will outlast them all. Meir is the leading brand to produce PVD coated tapware.

Wall mounted or installed through bench

It’s a matter of personal choice to install tapware in the wall or through the bench. Wall mounted tapware creates additional space on the bench and can be visually pleasing. Yet a bench mounted mixer can draw the eye with an elegant spout. A bench mounted mixer can cost less to install than wall mounted tapware and can be easily isolated from water supply with a stop tap in the cabinetry.

Meir wall mounted tapware
Image supplied by Meir

Check the Warranty

Tapware will come with its own manufacturer’s warranty. A rule of thumb is the shorter the warranty, the increased risk that tapware will need to be replaced sooner than expected.

A greater warranty period is an assurance from the manufacturer on the quality of their tapware.

Replacing tapware should not be a regular occurrence as it contributes to landfill. It can also be an unexpected extra cost to a homeowner had they invested in tapware with a lengthier warranty period.

Lifetime Guarantee

There are many products and processes that come with a limited guarantee, but Meir is the only tapware brand in Australia to offer a Lifetime Guarantee on their tapware.

Meir’s investment into high engineering, consistent manufacturing standards and selection of the best quality parts and components from Europe is the reason why Meir can offer a lifetime guarantee on their tapware.

Meir Mixer tap in laundry
Image supplied by Meir

This assurance is peace-of-mind for builders and renovators who purchase Meir tapware. Tapware can be the cause of many future problems as it is the hardest working and toughest-handled device in the bathroom or kitchen.

The Lifetime Guarantee should be a driving influence when choosing your tapware as it’s an assurance and certainty in terms of quality, design, and functionality of the tapware.

Check out the full range of Meir tapware on their website.

Disclosure: Lifetime guarantee is on all parts, finish and components. Does not include the Lavello range. This post has been written in accordance with my disclosure policy