Increase Curb Appeal at the Front Door

curb appeal at the front door the plumbette

When Jacob and I bought our current home, we had intentions to increase curb appeal at the front door through the use of potted plants.

But some projects never get started for years because of other financial commitments or you start having babies and there is no time to DIY because you’re now in the depths of raising kids.

curb appeal pin

Curb appeal is important for all homes. It gives the home character and it’s a chance to welcome guests before you personally greet them at the door. We got around to updating our front door area last year as I pitched it as an idea to Handyman Magazine. I will share how we went about the project in a different post.

The entrance to most homes in Australia is through the front door, which often faces the street.  The front door is the ideal place to add some curb appeal. There are many ways to increase curb appeal at the front door and I have got some tips and examples to show below.

This project doesn’t need to be expensive, but it can certainly change the way your home looks to the world.

1. Install a feature door

How stunning is this entrance? The door is gorgeous and I love the added décor of the pot plant and welcome mat.

2. Mix tones and add a plaque

If you have an old Queenslander that has a name or your just want to name your house, add a name plaque. I love how Lavender Blue Cottage has mixed tones of blue and grey. It works beautifully with the name itself.

3. Paint the Door

Most definitely my favourite way to update the front door is by painting it. The sky is the limit on the colour as you can see from the examples below.

Duck Blue

Magenta Pink


Bright Orange

4. Add pot plants and furniture

If the space allows, add some outdoor furniture and pot plants by the door.

5. Place planters on either side of the door

The most popular way to add plants is to place one either side of the door. It’s an affordable approach if you’re not keen to paint or make other cosmetic enhancements.

6. Vary the heights of pot plants.

I love the layered look when adding pot plants to the front door. Odd numbers work well.

increase curb appeal at the front door

What do you have at your front door? How have you given curb appeal to your home?