Indoor Clothes Drying Rack Ideas for Your Laundry

Indoor Clothes Drying Rack Ideas

These indoor clothes drying rack ideas are the perfect solution in your laundry for all year round clothes drying.

It’s not till you go through a significantly wet season that you realise how valuable built in drying racks are for your laundry.

While the portable clothes airers are certainly a great solution for indoor and outdoor use, a rack that can be used all year round in the laundry can be practical.

Here are 8 indoor clothes drying rack ideas you can incorporate into your laundry. It’s predicted to be a wet autumn, and with a drenched summer behind us, these ideas are a functional way to dry your clothes without relying on your dryer.

Key tips for your own drying rack in the laundry

  • Look up – consider the wall space above and/or your ceiling to install a drying rack or ladder.
  • Is there enough air flow in the laundry to prevent mould growth? Consider installing an exhaust fan or have a window open.
  • Can the rack be hidden, folded up or less intrusive when not in use? Think about the design so it’s less of a hindrance when not in use.

String it Along

clothes line string in laundry for indoor clothes drying
Photo by GO LOGIC

Built in Racks

Single Rack

Single extendable drying rack in laundry
Design shared by Houzz
indoor clothes drying in laundry
Image by Jane Lockhart Design
Drying Drawers

Floating Clothes Line

floating clothes line in laundry
Design shared by Houzz

Vertical Clothes Line

indoor clothes line for laundry
Photo by Crisp Architects


Upcycle a Ladder

Other Laundry Design Ideas

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