How to make a small bathroom look bigger


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I loved watching The Block House reveals last week with much interest. The room that gets my most attention is the bathroom. Renovating an existing bathroom can be a daunting task, especially when you are working within the existing framework. Creating space in a small room requires good design partnered with practicality to ensure the bathroom is a place that is welcoming and easy to use.

But how do you make a smaller bathroom feel bigger? Follow these tips to create the illusion of a spacious bathroom.

    • Install a window or skylight in the bathroom to increase natural light. The darker a room looks, the smaller it feels.


    • Keep the fixtures and plumbing installed on the same side to allow for maximum walk in and moving around space. Don’t create a maze by placing fixtures on opposite walls if you have a narrow bathroom.


    • Install a clear and frameless glass door on the shower. Placing the shower and its screen adjacent a window will reflect the outside light making the room again lighter and spacious. Clearly Glass can provide a tailor made glass solution to fit the size and shape of your shower.


    • Try and keep everything in the bathroom a similar colour or tone. Using a mix of dark colours and lighter colours can chop up the bathroom visually and make the room smaller than it really is.


    • Blend the tile, wall and ceiling colours if possible. Using different colours for different areas of the bathroom can crop the room so keep it all the same. Tile up to the ceiling if possible as this elongates the height of the bathroom.


    • Install recess shelving in the shower and cabinets behind mirrors so that the storage doesn’t jut out. The more streamlined the storage, the more visually appealing your bathroom will be.


    • Install larger mirrors and strategically place them so that they can catch the natural light from a window.


    • Once the bathroom is finished, don’t fill the recess shelves with unnecessary clutter.


These tips may make the bathroom sound boring in colour and tone, but interest can be added by using coloured towels and accessories.  Be creative with your taps and fixtures. Block colour mixer taps are still a trend in bathroom design, so keep this in mind when choosing your taps.

Have you ever tried to make a smaller room seem bigger? What tips can you share?

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