My Dream She Shed Essentials

She Shed

This post has been written in collaboration with Additions Building

The She Shed is the female equivalent of the man cave. It’s an area just for the woman of the household to escape and enjoy the serenity of quiet, doing whatever she pleases – and often that which keeps her sane. The She Shed has gained popularity in the last year as an inviting space for work and play. Some women use their She Shed as an art studio while others keep it as a space of their own where they can relax and read a good book. The She Shed is a place for retreat, where as a man cave is a place for men to disappear with their mates.

The whole concept of the She Shed got me thinking about what I would want in my She Shed, so I’m going to share with you my dream She Shed essentials and maybe you can share with me what you would want in yours?

My She Shed would have a 4 seater chaise lounge. I have long legs and I find a 3 seater can be a bit short for my legs to lay down on. The room would be decorated in bright colours with a mixture of floral and geometric prints.

I’d have a skylight to save on electricity costs by day.

I’d have a solar powered air conditioner to keep the space cool and not a hot box. The solar power would also help the electricity costs.

I’d have a large desk and computer so I could write. Wifi access would be a necessity.

I’d have a large book case to store magazines and books.

I’d have a working station where I could make my resin jewellery.

I’d store all my tools in easy reach and have my tool bag ready to go for a DIY project.

A Bose music dock so I could play some tunes would be a necessity.

I’d have a bathroom with a claw bath, basin and toilet – so I wouldn’t have to go inside to use the bathroom. I could bathe in peace and not have to share a bathroom. I’d keep all my expensive lotions and potions in this bathroom, away from little hands.

My She Shed could easily convert to a guest bedroom, if I felt generous enough to share the space with someone else.

Knowing what I’d have in my She Shed, begs the question of where I would have my She Shed?

She Sheds are typically sheds or a separate dwelling away from the main house, but land sizes are getting smaller and there isn’t always a lot of space in the backyard to erect a shed, which is the case in our house. I would have to be creative about where I would have my She Shed. Some creative ways to carve space from your existing home to create a She shed is by reutilizing the rooms you already have. Here are three scenarios that Additions Building could help you with to get you started creating your dream She Shed.

Building in a car port. Most car ports have a driveway where your car can be parked. Converting the car port into a She Shed is as simple as adding walls and windows for light and air circulation. The only negative part of converting the car port into a She Shed is you leave your car outside which doesn’t protect it from the weather.

Extending the sun room. Houses built in the 1970’s would have a sun room. The room is often narrow space at the front or back of the house with yellow tinged windows. The area can be revamped with some clever interior styling and storage options. Extending the sun room could be as simple as extending or removing a wall to make the space bigger.

Building in the Patio. If you have a large patio area, why not build in part of the patio in to create your She Shed? If you’re so inclined, the She Shed can be used as an indoor area to lounge in when holding outdoor parties.

For the moment, my She Shed is my office which is towards the front of the house and is easily accessed by the kids. A girl can always dream of what could be though.

What do you think of She Sheds? If you had one what would you have in yours?

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