No Show Tradies

no show tradies

No show tradies is a common pet hate amongst property owners when organising a call out with a tradesperson. Here are some tips to prevent a no show tradie experience. 

One thing I get annoyed with is when a tradesperson doesn’t value my time as a home owner and either arrives late with no phone or doesn’t show up at all.

It’s a common experience for home owners. It can be frustrating when time has been organised away from work to meet the said tradesperson and their tardiness in time management can cause delays for the homeowner or the no show can inconvenience another day from work to get the problem fixed.

Why would tradies not show up?

There are a number of reasons why a tradie might not have shown up.

Having scheduled jobs myself in the past, I understand when a simple job can turn into a time consuming affair and this can affect scheduled call outs throughout the day.

In these circumstances I would advise the customer half an hour before arrival to advise if we were running late and an expected time of arrival.

But there can be a few other reasons for delay

  • Tradie has been involved in a car accident or workplace incident
  • They’ve been stuck on another job
  • The previous client wasn’t ready for their arrival
  • May have poorly estimated the time between jobs
  • Stuck in an area with no reception to make contact
  • Have a personal emergency to attend to
  • Are sick and unable to come out
  • Or it could be a sign they aren’t a quality service to engage with due to poor management

Rather than tar all tradies with the same brush, I try to think the best of the situation.

The best way to avoid engaging with a tradesperson who potentially may not show up on your doorstep is to

  • Get a referral from friends and family
  • Read Google and Facebook reviews to gauge service delivery
  • Ensure they have advertised licenses and insurance on all flyers, business cards, social media accounts and their website. Tradies who deliver poor service may not have the correct licensing.

While no show tradies or late arrivals can be disappointing and frustrating to deal with, being a customer who is ready for a tradie’s arrival is paramount to the flow on effect of their day.

If a tradesperson has been booked for a call out, ensure you’re at the property at the right time.

Make the property accessible for when the tradesperson arrives to do the work they’ve been called to do.

Give them the correct address and any helpful information about parking or finding your property if on acreage or in a newly subdivided property.

And if you’re sick, give a well-timed courtesy call to advise you’re unwell and aren’t able to have a tradesperson over.

The success of a call out is a two-way exchange. When you’ve found a tradesperson who has delivered excellent service, make sure they’re on speed dial so you can prevent being stood up in the future.

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