Not Every Motivational Quote is for You #HIT


I love a good quote. They don’t beat around the bush. A quote inspires you and can whip your butt into gear to get working.

But not every motivational quote is for you. I think we (myself included) can become disillusioned with our love of quotes thinking we need to work harder and strive faster when we are already doing the best we can.

In the last 18 months, I have worked hard while trying to be a mum to a newborn, and two other little girls that are in constant need of my attention. I don’t think it matters really how old your kids are.  They need you at every age. Your kids just become a little less dependent on your for their basic needs as they get older. Working hard is not new for most parents because we do it already. Even business owners and entrepreneurs work hard at making their business a success so sharing a quote that tells you dreams don’t work unless you do can have the opposite effect on a hard worker.

Sometimes I wish quotes had a disclaimer or a ‘but’ added to them. For example,

Dreams don’t work unless you do, but if you have a baby, enjoy every minute with her because she was a dream once too.

Dreams don't work unless you do


Work so hard that your signature becomes an autograph. But don’t focus so much on the autograph that you forget the family who share the surname of your signature.

Work so hard your signature becomes and autograph


The pain of hard work hurts less than the pain of regret. But don’t let hard work make you regret the pain you cause others in the process.

motivational quotes


Opportunities are disguised as hard work, so most people don’t recognize them. Most people don’t recognize burn out either. Don’t go after every opportunity thinking it’s your last.

motivational quote

No matter where you are in life whether you’re running a business or attempting to be successful in whatever you choose to do, all will require hard work, but make sure you’re not pressuring yourself into a frenzy if you’re in a season of life that requires more from you.

It does not matter how slow you go as long as you do what you can, when you can.

And I need to listen to my own advice!!

Last week on Home Improvement Thursdays, we had another great link up. Please share the link up so others know they can join in too. Last week Simplify Create Inspire shared a challenge to declutter our home office. I’ve yet to do this but it is on my Spring Cleaning to do list because my office is in an open plan part of our house and it needs to stay neat and tidy. You can download a check list that Holly put together here.

Kylie from DIY Decorator shared her DIY project to create a Two Tone Staircase and the results are fantastic! You should see the before shots of the white stairs. The transformation is stunning.

two tone stair case

I then suffered from wardrobe envy by reading The Organised Nest who shared a reader’s very well organized wardrobe. I could definitely put to work some organized bloggers to organize a few spaces in my home – in particular my wardrobe.

organised wardrobe

As usual, Nicole and I look forward to seeing you link up. Next week we have a challenge that we hope you will jump on board with and there will be a giveaway so keep your eyes peeled for next week’s Home Improvement Thursdays post.

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