Pressed Tin Bathroom Ideas

pressed tin bathroom ideals

Every year Pinterest releases the top 100 pin trends for 2019 based on searches made throughout 2018. On the home front, pressed tin is in! Searches for pressed tin interiors was up by 563%! I have certainly seen some renovated bathrooms embrace this trend.

Pressed tin bathroom panels can certainly introduce texture and interest in the bathroom. I’ve found some pressed tin bathroom ideas to check out if you’re considering this material for your bathroom renovation.

If you’ve got questions about the longevity of pressed tin in the bathroom, the FAQ page from Pressed Tin Panels gives all the answers and more to your pressed tin queries.

The most important aspect to choosing this material in your bathroom is to choose panels that are powder coated. It makes the surface easy to clean and non-porous which is most ideal for the bathroom.

Popular installations are for the ceiling, splashback, shower niche or as a feature wall.

Check out these ideas to see how pressed tin can be used in various bathroom styles.

Pressed Tin Bathroom Ideas












Of course, if pressed tin panels are not your ideal material choice, you can use tiles that replicate the same texture and look.



Are you a fan of pressed tin? Which of these pressed tin bathroom ideas would you consider?