Why security is a must when renovating or building


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There is so much to consider when building or renovating a home. It can be overwhelming thinking about the timing and sequence of measures to ensure a hassle free installation. That’s why it pays to have a good builder who can project manage from start to finish.

But even the best of builders can struggle with setbacks that are beyond their control. One aspect is the security of the property.

It’s in the builder’s best interests to get the property secure to ensure deliveries can be made and kept onsite as well as keep trespassers from wandering into the property to either steal materials and/or appliances or vandalise inside the property.

When my parents built our second family home (I was about 7 years old at the time) we had all our new kitchen appliances and some building materials stolen from the house. The thieves knocked in the construction door that was locked to gain access. Our house was being built in a new estate so no one was around raise alarm or think it odd that building materials and brand new boxed appliances were being carted away from site. Thankfully the building insurance covered the replacement of what was stolen but it was an unnecessary hassle had the house been more secure with a door that had a two cylinder deadlock.

Usually it’s best to organise the delivery of appliances on the day that they need to be installed so that if unauthorized access is gained into the property, the appliances can’t be stolen. But this kind of arrangement can fall through if you have a late delivery driver or a tradesperson that can’t be onsite to do the install when needed.

This is why security is a must when renovating or building. The sooner a house is secure, the more peace of mind other trades can have if they choose to get their materials delivered and stored onsite. Home safety and security experts, such as the professionals at Stylewise Security, know that it’s important to protect your property and keep your premises as secure as possible to avoid theft and vandalism.

By consulting professionals and planning a home’s security measures ahead of time, the most effective and stylish options can be selected  and installed, which then helps the builder to project manage deliveries onsite.

Even if you’re not building or renovating a home, it’s a good practice to consider how secure your home really is and if anything can be done to keep it more protected.  It can’t hurt to get a consultation and quote on what security measures can be put in place.

Has your house ever been broken into?  Have you ever built or renovated a home and had materials or appliances stolen from site?

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