Before and After: A Stylish Home Renovation, Perfect For Families

before and after stylish home renovation

When Wright Renovations started following me on Instagram, I re-followed them back and was delighted to find out it was Emma and Luke, who were friends of friends at my church. Emma had looked after my girls at church too when we first started attending, and I stalked their wedding photos because this couple oozed style.

The young marrieds embarked on the adventure of buying their first house and went to work renovating it. They have recently put the home on the market and Emma was kind enough to share with me the before and after photos of their stylish home renovation.

The house is in Rochedale South and has 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 living areas.

The house originally had 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and one living area.

stylish home renovation
Front of House Before


stylish home renovation
Front of House After

Emma and Luke closed in the garage downstairs, as it was legal height, and added two extra bedrooms, a bathroom and living area down there.

stylish home renovation
Bathroom Before


bathroom after
Bathroom After

All up, the renovation took around 6 months to be completely finished, but about 3 months until it was at least livable,  as there was asbestos all throughout and needed to be completely re-sheeted.

stylish home renovation
Kitchen Before


stylish home renovation
Kitchen After

Emma and Luke have shared their renovating journey on Instagram (follow them here) and I think they’ve done an incredible job.

stylish home renovation
Bedroom Before


stylish home renovation
Bedroom After

I think you can agree with me that this house would make a wonderful family home – especially a family with teenagers, allowing everyone to have their own space.

stylish home renovation
Lounge and Dining Before


stylish home renovation
Lounge and Dining After


stylish home renovation
Stairs After

I  love the floors. How good have they turned out?

stylish home renovation


stylish home renovation

It’s bright and airy and so stylishly presented. For a first renovation, this house looks beautiful. I can’t wait to see what other properties Wright Renovations work their magic on.

stylish home renovation
Dining After


stylish home renovation
Laundry After

If you love this house and would consider purchasing it, check out the listing here.

Thank you Emma and Luke for sharing your renovation journey with us. You’ve definitely impressed me and I can’t wait to see future renovations.

What’s your favourite aspect of this home?

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stunning house renovation jindalee
Downstairs After

If you have recently renovated a house or a room in your home, we’d love to see it. Please email me via my Contact form so we can share your property on The Plumbette.