The 3 Best Grout Free Bathroom Wall Panels

grout free bathroom wall panels

Written in collaboration with Mr Wet Wall

Grout free bathroom wall panels are a much sought after solution for wall and ceiling finishes in the bathroom. Less grout lines offer many benefits to home owners. If you’re considering this option for your bathroom, you will want to know the 3 best grout free bathroom wall panels on the market.

White terrazo look wall panels for bathroom renovation Wet Wall

The benefits of grout free bathroom wall panels

1. No grout lines = less likelihood for mould growth
2. Less labour than tiles
3. Can go over existing tiled surfaces = less demolition
4. Can be used in wet space applications
5. Comes in a variety of colours and patterns to suit your interior look
6. Easy to clean
7. Waterproof

I’ve had enquiries on the blog about which wall panels are best and this post is going to explain the 3 common types of Vinyl and Laminate bathroom wall panels, with pros and cons for each.

Laminex Aquapanel

Aquapanel was one of the first products released when grout free bathrooms became a more sought after option. Unfortunately, this product hasn’t been developed further so it does have its pain points with installation.

Laminex Aquapanel grout free bathroom wall panels


• Been around on the market for a long time
• Readily available
• Cost effective – mid-range price point from $195 per panel
• Hardwearing


• Has limited style offerings
• 3mm thickness can make it flimsy to install
• Needs to be propped until adhesive sets
• Requires sacrificial boarding when cutting
• H trim vertical joiner doesn’t offer a seamless finish

Wet Wall Panel

Wet Wall Panels are an innovative product because they are 100% waterproof and mould resistant due to its hygienic vinyl material. It’s a sturdy product with 10mm tongue and groove joins which makes it easier and faster to install. There are a number of different styles and colours to suit your bathroom. Best of all, this product offers the best seamless look for your bathroom.

Wet Wall Black Marble Grout Free Bathroom Wall Panels

Wet Wall Lava Rust Colour Bathroom Wall Panel


• 100% water proof
• 100% mould proof
• Easy and fast to install
• Has a vast array of styles to choose from
• Has tongue and groove panels which offers a seamless application
• Offers good insulation and sound proof properties
• Grade 1 Fire Rating – perfect for commercial applications
• Offers 10-year warranty
• Lightweight only 7kg (2.9kg per sqm)
• 1000mm wide so few or no joins in the shower
• Prices start from only $179


• Walls can’t be custom sized, ceilings can be though


Spapanel is the premium wall panel on the market. It’s a premium marine ply product and BRANZ appraised so no need to waterproof the full height in the shower. Spapanel offers an extensive modern range of designs with over 50 to choose from. It’s a solid core product great for high traffic areas that require good impact resistance. This product is perfect for hotels and aged care facilities or that family bathroom which gets a lot of use. It also has a 15 year warranty.

Spapanel black and white panel for bathroom renovation

Spapanel Concrete Wall Panels for Bathroom Renovation


• Premium, solid core product
• Waterproof
• Offers decorative surface
• Removes need to waterproofing full height of shower/ wet room bathroom
• Extensive range to choose from
• Can withstand high impact & heat to 180°c


• Not DIY friendly – will require tradie skills to install
• Panels are on the dearer side, starting from $429 per panel

If you’re not sure which panel to use in your bathroom installation or if you would like further information about the panels, do contact Mr Wet Wall. They are the largest grout free Wet Wall panel bathroom supplier in the Australia and they will be able to offer a solution and quote for your bathroom needs.

What you do think of grout free bathroom wall panels? Something you’d consider for your next bathroom reno?

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