The Block Guest Bedroom Ensuite Reveals 2017

The Block 2017 Guest Bedroom Ensuite

Last night on the The Block were the guest bedroom reveals. I usually share the bathrooms and kitchens from The Block on the blog, but three of the teams last night added a guest bedroom ensuite as part of the unveiling of their room. I think it was a clever addition that will make a difference at auction time, however, last night, it held no weight with the scoring, with Ronnie and Georgia producing the winning guest room, without an ensuite.

ronnie and georgie guest bedroom

The Block guest bedroom ensuite reveals were well executed and their use of space can give inspiration on planning an ensuite in a small space.

Here are what three of the teams produced for their guest bedroom ensuite reveals.

Sarah and Jason

Sarah and Jason created an ensuite that is a two way bathroom. I think it’s clever and I liked how they tied this ensuite in with their main bathroom. They also sectioned the vanity and shower and toilet. Not sure I’d put the toilet next to the shower, but still this ensuite will add value to the home. Hopefully it will reflect in the auction price.

Jason and sarah ensuite

jason and sarah ensuite vanity


jason and sarah ensuite

Jason and sarah ensuite

sarah and jason guest bedroom ensuite

Sticks and Wombat

Sticks and Wombat decided to create a modern ensuite that would contrast with their guest bedroom. The ensuite was stunning, but it didn’t correlate with the style in the guest bedroom. Despite that, it’s a gorgeous ensuite showing how a simple marble tile and chrome tapware can work well together.

Sticks and Womba guest bedroom ensuite

sticks and wombat guest bedroom ensuite reveal

sticks and wombat guest bedroom ensuite reveal

Sticks and wombat guest bedroom ensuite reveal

Josh and Elyse

Josh and Elyse’s ensuite was practical and stylish, however, Shaynna did point out one flaw with the positioning of the shower shelf. Whenever you drill into tiles, you need to get the right height for your shelves and accessories. But that was just a minor flaw.

josh and elyse guest bedroom ensuite

josh and elyse guest bedroom ensuite reveal

Josh and elyse guest bedroom reveal

Josh and Elyse guest bedroom ensuite reveal

For the rest of the guest bedroom reveals, head here.

What did you think of the guest bedroom ensuites? Do you think the winning team should have also produced an ensuite?