The Block Triple Threat Ensuite Reveals


I always look forward to a bathroom week on The Block. It’s always interesting to see how the couples design their space and keep it in line with their style aesthetic in their apartment. This week was The Block Triple Threat Ensuite Reveals. Let’s take a look at the bathrooms these couples produced.

I immediately liked Josh and Charlotte’s ensuite. I’m a sucker for a wood vanity despite knowing how much effort is needed to keep it maintained. The black underside overmount basins were the perfect match for the floating wall vanity. The freestanding bath and execution of the textures  and design certainly made this a winning ensuite. The Plantation Shutters were a super stylish touch too.

Josh & Charlotte's Ensuite
Josh & Charlotte’s ensuite


Josh and Charlotte's shower
Josh and Charlotte’s shower


Josh and Charlotte's vanity bench
Josh and Charlotte’s vanity bench

Tim and Anastasia’s ensuite was quite spacious and had a luxurious feel with the feature marble tiles. Unfortunately the sealant job wasn’t very good, but this can be easily fixed before auction day. If I’m honest, I hate silicone but it’s a necessary evil to conceal gaps. Just a tip when choosing sealants for a bathroom, always choose one that is anti-fungal or mould proof. This will ensure mould won’t grow in the sealant when it gets damp.

One of the overhead showers wasn’t straight either. That can also be fixed by giving it a bit of a nudge in the right direction. I’m still not a fan of the overhead shower, although when I went to Sydney, the hotel I stayed in had one and I was impressed with the water pressure,. So maybe these overhead shower roses aren’t too bad after all.  Another criticism about the bathroom was the lack of vanity space and above counter storage. The indentation of the mirror into the wall could have been better used with concealed storage behind the mirror. Overall it was a lovely ensuite. The double shower was executed well. It’s a luxury. And a tv adds a 5 star touch to the ensuite.

Tim and Anastasia's ensuite
Tim and Anastasia’s ensuite


Tim and Anastasia's TV in the ensuite
Tim and Anastasia’s TV in the ensuite
Tim and Anastasia's double ensuite shower
Tim and Anastasia’s double ensuite shower


As soon as I saw Jess & Ayden’s bathroom I loved it immediately. I just loved the boldness of each aspect they chose and designed. I quite liked the vanity cupboard that Ayden knocked up. I’m not sure about the wooden floor in the shower area. I just wonder what it will look like in a couple of years time?

The hexagonal floor tile was a great way to incorporate the style from the other bathrooms and living areas in the apartment. There was also a tv installed in the bathroom in front of the bath. Shaynna thought there were too many hero pieces in the ensuite competing for attention. While that may be the case, I still liked that there was something different to look at. Again the lack of vanity bench space was highlighted. That was just another reminder to always provide enough open storage in your bathroom.

Jess & Ayden's Ensuite
Jess & Ayden’s Ensuite


Jess & Ayden Shower
Jess & Ayden Shower


Jess & Ayden's free standing bath
Jess & Ayden’s free standing bath

Dea & Daz’s ensuite was simply stunning. I was a little confused when the judges gushed about how they loved the space and then started to nit pick at different aspects. I liked the tiled wall seat in the shower as well as the dark subway tile. I did wonder if the glass was enough to contain the water splashes when using the shower. And having the towel rack away from the entry into the shower wasn’t very smart but it fits with the layout of the bathroom. There was plenty of storage in the ensuite which will make it easy for storing towels and other bits and pieces that crowd the bottom of a vanity basin cupboard.

Dea & Daz's Ensuite
Dea & Daz’s Ensuite


Dea and Daz's Ensuite vanity
Dea and Daz’s Ensuite vanity


Dea & Daz's ensuite storage
Dea & Daz’s ensuite storage

Which was your favourite ensuite and do you think the right team won?