Three Times a Safe Protected What Was Precious To Me

safe protected what was precious to me

This post has been written in collaboration with City Safes

Like most things in life, you don’t realise you need something until you really need it. One of those items that is a necessity, but considered an option in the home is the humble safe. Whether it’s needing a place to store jewellery, antiques, important documents or money, I can count three times a safe has protected what was precious to me.

A safe can offer peace of mind to a household when certain belongings and/or documents need to be hidden in a secure location.

Most people come into contact with a safe when they go away for a holiday, by placing their valuables in their hotel room safe. That’s the most common time we have used a safe too. But there are other times when I’ve needed a safe to secure my personal belongings. It makes sense to own a safe so you, your family and your business can store precious items and documents, without fear of them being stolen.

Storing My Engagement and Wedding Rings

When Jacob bought my engagement ring, he had purchased it a good 6 months (or so) before he popped the question. After paying off the ring and picking it up from the jeweler, he had to find a safe and secure place for storage until it was time propose. Jacob asked my dad if the ring could be stored in my grandparents safe. And that is where my engagement ring was placed until the beginning of June 2004 when Jacob eventually proposed to me in a Teddy Bear shop in Montville.

a young bec and jacob
Prior to getting engaged, we used this picture of our engagement party invitations

Soon after wearing my engagement ring, it was placed promptly back into the safe for safe keeping while Jacob and I went on a mission trip to Uganda. I loved wearing my ring, but couldn’t face the thought of losing it overseas, while building an orphanage. My ring was put back in its box in grandpa’s safe for the two weeks we were away and was placed back promptly on my finger after the trip.

The next time my rings were placed in the safe was when I had Esther. I was booked in to have Esther via a c-section and I needed to remove all my jewellery. The hospital couldn’t guarantee my belongings would be safe in my room, so my rings visited grandpa’s safe again until I came out of hospital 5 days later.
Safes aren’t just convenient for personal use, they are essential for business use as well. Contracts, legal documents, wills and even cash can be stored in a safe.
If you don’t have a safe, where do you store sentimental items or valuables so they can be protected securely?

The cost of a safe can be big investment, but City Safes have all of your security requirements covered. Not only are they an online safe store, they offer that are perfect for your home, office or business, which are up to 50% cheaper than purchasing a brand new safe. Each reconditioned safe is supplied with a full new warranty. There are many brands available too including Chubb, CMI, Lord, Kumahira, Ajax, Milner, Victoria and many more.

Due to the price and quality of the reconditioned safes, many of the safes are sold before they make it to the website. If you’re after a particular model, contact the City Safe’s team so they can tell you what they have in stock or alert you when a model you’re after comes into stock.

It makes sense to acquire a safe in your home to keep valuables safe, especially if you travel frequently. While insurance can replace your items if they get lost or stolen, they can’t replicate the sentimental value of the original item.

Do you have a safe? How do you secure your valuables when going into hospital or on an overseas trip? How as a safe protected something precious to you?

Disclosure: This post has been written in accordance with my disclosure policy. All opinions are my own.