How to Make a Timber Vanity Unit Work in Your Bathroom

How to Make a Timber Vanity Unit Work in Your Bathroom

Bathrooms with a timber vanity unit evoke a warm atmosphere and are a great way to introduce a natural element to the space.

Timber Vanity Units

While I love the look of timber in the bathroom, I’m also cautious of using this material as a vanity because water and timber don’t mix.

Even if the timber has been treated to withstand moisture (which most are) the water can penetrate the protective coating if not wiped away.

To make any timber vanity unit work in a bathroom it needs to be

  • Well treated
  • Regularly maintained and recoated for water protection
  • Regularly dried when splashes occur to prevent water damage
  • Cleaned with a mild, non-acidic and non abrasive detergent and soft cloth

Plumbers are always the best to ask which vanity material lasts, as they regularly go back to fix tapware.  I can guarantee most plumbers will agree timber vanity units will age and get water damage if they’re not looked after well.

If you absolutely love a timber vanity unit in the bathroom, opt for a different benchtop which is hardy to water (manufactured stone, laminex etc). This can keep the vanity itself protected. It’s an ideal solution for family bathrooms.

I can’t help but love seeing timber in a bathroom though.  I’ve sourced some gorgeous timber vanities from Reece and Roger Seller, most are a veneer as these can offer better protection from water damage.

Alternatively, you can convert a buffet or drawer unit into a vanity. Sometimes these can be more affordable and come in a better right size for your bathroom.

Timber Vanity Units to Consider

Image source
ISSY Z8 Butterfly 1200 Vantiy unit $5,156.80


Image source
Laufen Ilbagnoalessi 1600 Vanity Unit 2 Drawers, $4689.78


Image source
Rifco Acqua 1500 Double Wall Hung Vanity, $2,772.99


Image source
Mizu Wall Hung Shelf Vanity, $489
Issy Halo Timber Vanity Unit
ISSY Halo Vanity Unit

This miniature wall basin from Roger Seller would work well in a powder room.

Roger Seller
Roger Seller Lavamani Tap Shelf for round basins, $395

Are you a fan of the timber vanity unit in the bathroom? What have you done to protect the timber in your bathroom?