Tips for Creating the Perfect Ensuite Bathroom

Tips for Creating the Perfect Ensuite Bathroom

Is there such a thing as the perfect ensuite bathroom?

Most people don’t think about it until they have to design one in a small space.

Sometimes getting the layout right can be tricky.

Let’s rethink the ensuite bathroom normality’s

Often the ensuite is the smallest bathroom in the property and is designed with less relaxing features than the main family bathroom.

But why is that when it’s typically the bathroom used by the head of the household? (Unless it’s for a guest bedroom)

While it may not get the traffic of guests and younger members of the household, it shouldn’t be a poky spot to fit an extra shower and toilet.

A house renovation will introduce an ensuite by carving out space from another room and in new builds, the ensuite will always be smaller than the main bathroom.

No matter the space you have to work with, here are tips on creating the perfect ensuite bathroom.

perfect ensuite
Photo by Sienna Homes

Consider your needs

The ensuite is the bathroom you will retreat to away from the family. What features do you want to incorporate for your relaxation?

A shower, basin and toilet are typically standard in an ensuite. If you’d love to have a bath, can you fit one in? If not, are you happy to compromise using the bath in the main bathroom?

What other fixtures can be installed which would better suit your needs instead? Can the toilet have its own separate room and door? Can the shower space be doubled? Make a list of must haves and compromises for your ensuite.

Double what you’ll get more use from

Should the vanity have a double basin or single? This can depend on the space in the bathroom for the vanity. A double basin will require a longer vanity, will reduce bench space and cost more to install. However, it can make the ensuite dual-use.

If you can live without a double basin, would a double shower work better for your needs?

Double the fixtures you’ll get the most use from.

Wall-mount fixtures

To make an ensuite look bigger, wall mount the vanity and toilet pan. It gives the illusion the fixtures are floating off the floor and can make the bathroom look spacious.

Design the shower at the end of the room

Ensuites are typically narrow rooms. To make the most of the space, put the shower at the end of the room. This can be beneficial for drainage and gives you more freedom with the drain design and placement.

Ensuite with shower at the end of the room
Photo by Decoroom

The end of the room provides the wall enclosure for the shower and a single glass panel is all that is needed to keep in water spray.

Bring in natural light

A window is ideal for introducing natural light into the ensuite. If this is not possible, add a skylight.

 An outdoor opening is also important for ventilation. Alternatively, an exhaust fan can be incorporated if the window or skylight is purely for natural light purposes only.

Less is more

Don’t over fill the space with design features or all the fixtures in one space. Simple is best and will prevent a claustrophobic feel in the ensuite.

A toilet, vanity + basin and shower are essential – anything else that can be incorporated needs to ensure there is enough space – not just for the installation but also for movability and aesthetics.

 It needs to be cohesive to the main bathroom

The ensuite and main bathroom should have a continuity of styles. They don’t necessarily have to match each other but if they were placed next to each other, you would pick they were part of the same property.

Choose similar features like same coloured tapware or similar bench material or floor tile so they are similar.

Choose a neutral colour scheme

A neutral colour scheme will not only ensure the ensuite won’t date quickly, it will work with the master bedroom. Neutral tones are often lighter, which can help the ensuite feel less closed in if it’s a small room.

neutral ensuite bathroom
Photo by The Block Deb and Andy

Don’t skimp on storage

Often more storage is needed in the ensuite, than a main bathroom. Here are some tips to include more storage in your ensuite to make it functional

  • Opt for a vanity rather than a wall-mounted basin
  • Incorporate a medicinal cabinet behind the mirrors
  • Add shower niches or an alcove for holding products
  • Utilise baskets under wall mounted vanity
  • Add shelves for vertical storage

Select top quality tapware and hardware

The bathroom and ensuite get used every day. It makes sense to choose the best quality tapware and hardware you can afford.

Choose electroplated tapware when choosing a coloured tap and always check the warranty and availability of parts and service on your brand of tapware.

Don’t forget the hardware. Ideally, the hardware like the robe hooks, basin wastes and towel rails should match the tapware. If you can’t match it go similar or choose a different colour which will contrast.

perfect ensuite design
Image by SilQ Interiors

Inject colour cleverly

Colour can add interest to an ensuite bathroom. To prevent an all-white, bland ensuite, inject colour cleverly through tapware, a concrete basin, the floor or wall coverings or simply through soft furnishings like the towels and a bath mat.

What tips can you add when creating the perfect ensuite bathroom?