Use Any Towel Rail to Heat Dry Your Towels With Thermorad In-Wall Panel Towel Dryer

Thermorad In-Wall Panel Towel Dryer will turn any towel rail into a heated towel rail with it's radiated heat technology.

Chosen a towel rail to match your tapware but it doesn’t heat up? Thermorad In-Wall Panel Towel Dryer will turn any towel rail into a heated towel rail with it’s radiated heat technology.

In collaboration with The Blue Space

A heated towel rail is a luxurious fixture to include in a new bathroom. But they can be bulky and aren’t always available in your matching tapware finish.

Slimline towel rails are attractive due to their minimalist design. The aesthetic of a new bathroom can be compromised with a bulky heated towel rail.

Unfortunately, it’s common for the heating capability of a rail to be put to the side if matching accessories is a more favourable option. Who knew compromising on towel rail features could be so perplexing?

The Blue Space offers a practical solution though with the Thermorad In-Wall Panel Towel Dryer. You can use any towel rail to dry and heat your towels with this simple, Australian made invention.

Thermorad turns any towel rail into a heated towel rail

What is the Thermorad In-Wall Panel Towel Dryer?

The Thermorad In-Wall Panel Dryer is essentially a panel heater. It’s installed between the studs of your bathroom wall and before the walls are sheeted and tiled. The panel radiates heat so your towels can dry and stay warm, no matter what towel rail you choose to install.

The invisible installation means the in-wall panel can work with various towel hanging apparatus. You use any towel rail, robe hook or leaning ladder as the heat radiates through the tiled wall to warm your towels, no matter how they’re hung.

Benefits of the Thermorad In-Wall Panel Towel Dryer

There are plenty of reasons to include the Thermorad In-Wall Panel towel dryer on your bathroom must-have-list. Here are just a few to consider:

1. Match your taps with your towel rail

Many heated towel rails don’t exactly match your chosen tapware. The Thermorad In-Wall Panel eliminates this issue because you can buy a towel rail from the same brand as your taps.

2. Limited on space

If you don’t have room for a towel rail and can only fit a robe hook, you can still have your towel heated from behind! The Thermorad works with robe hooks and leaning ladders as well. It can also be installed in small spaces due to it’s behind the wall installation.

3. Invisible design

The electronics are all inside the wall, so it does not need to be IP44 rated which means it can be placed anywhere within the bathroom, even above the bath or close-by an open shower space. This makes your heated towels within easy reach when needed.

4. Uses Less Energy

The Thermorad panel can reduce the drying time of your towels by up to 70% compared to non-heated towel rails. The energy used is 160 watts per hour which costs approximately 25 cents per day.

It’s recommended to use a programmable timer, which can be purchased separately from The Blue Space. The timer will allow you to set up a preferred drying schedule so your towels are dry between usage.

The Blue Space is the place to purchase your Thermorad in Wall Panel Towel Dryer. You can check out more on their website.

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