Why Plumbers Should Know Interior Trends

why plumbers should know interior trends

Why Plumbers Should Know Interior Trends

Starting this week I’m going to give a weekly post about interior trends and styles for all areas of the home that relate to plumbing.

While most residential clients have a firm idea of what they want, and commercial jobs always have specifications, there are some jobs that call for design and construct advice. And in these projects, a plumber can help a client make the best choices when it comes to their design and fixture selections. That’s why plumbers should know interior trends.

The builder and architect can usually help with the materials and design choices, but the plumber can give advice on plumbing and fixtures to ensure the space looks modern and suits the aesthetic of the property. Often the client is happy for whatever works within their budget, but a clever plumber will be able to offer on-trend solutions to meet the client’s price. It’s a key trait of a good plumber who will get continual work.

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So how can plumbers learn about interior trends?

There are five ways plumbers can become interior savvy, and it doesn’t have to take up too much time for research.

1. Being on the job. Plumbers are always on different jobs, working with different materials and usually they’re the last trade to fit off a renovation. Take a note of the colour combinations to the shape of the taps and the size of the vanity. Make a note of what’s popular and what’s not. Use your experience to tell clients and builders in the future what worked well and what to be wary of. There is one certain brand of plumbing fixtures in Brisbane that both my dad and I will never recommend even though they look good and are budget-friendly. They are a pain in the butt to install and service. This type of information is
important to relay to a potential client when a quotation is asked for.


2. Read online home interior blogs and websites. Some of my favourite blogs/websites to check out are the Complete Home, Houzz, The Builder’s Wife, Interiors Addict, The Life Creative and DIY Decorator. Houzz is often my go-to website for inspiration.

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3. Follow Instagram accounts by plumbing suppliers like Reece Bathrooms, Caroma, Dorf Australia and Candana. Don’t be afraid to follow other plumbers or builders (I love Smith & Sons QLD and Three Birds Renovations on Instagram to see what they’ve installed.) We can always learn from each other when keeping up with trends.

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4. Pinterest and Google Images can bring up images and examples of work if a client is after a particular look, but is unable to articulate what they are after.

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5. Check out interior magazines like Inside Out, Real Living, Better Homes & Gardens and Queensland Homes. These can be great resources to have in the ute or the office. Or placed in the loo when doing a number two…

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Architects and interior designers are often ahead of the game when it comes to what is on trend with interiors, but tradies can offer practical advice of how to pull off the trend so it meets the by-laws and works for the space. Never be afraid to offer advice as a tradie, even if it’s ignored. Your opinion is valid as you’re the one who does the installation and you’re the one that has to go back for maintenance. (if you’re the client, make a note of what you’re tradie advises).

Trends in interiors can change just like the seasons and often what’s in right now, will be out a year later. But knowing what is popular at the time will give you a competitive edge with your business.

Get ahead of you game and learn about the predicted bathroom trends for 2017 and kitchen trends for 2017.

What are your favourite interior trends at the moment? What trend would you like to see disappear?