10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Going to Your Industry Conference

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This post has been written in collaboration with the Master Plumbers Association QLD

I’m smack bang in the middle of conference fortnight. Last week I headed down to the Gold Coast for the QLD Plumbing and Gas Conference not only to present but to network and find out the big issues within the plumbing and gas industry in QLD. This week I head away to Problogger to again network with bloggers and find out ways to grow/build my blog. I also generally come away inspired and motivated to write my blog with fresh eyes.

I never understood the importance of a conference until I headed to my first Problogger Conference three years ago. From that moment I made it a priority to always attend if I could. And so far so good.

When I worked with dad I never had time for plumbing conferences and plumber meet-ups because there was always so much work to do. But I think we looked at it wrong and we could have made the time as it would have given us a much needed break from the business.

Conferences can have a positive impact on your life. Here are 10 reasons you should consider going to your industry conference – basing it on the Plumbing Conference I went to last week.

breakfast conference

1. It’s a mini escape from your life. If you don’t make time for a holiday (I strongly suggest you do have a yearly holiday for your health!), make a priority to head to your industry conference. It’s tax deductible because it’s work related and you get to stay somewhere nice for a couple of days.

2. You get to enjoy social activities you wouldn’t normally get to enjoy. When you run a business, often you can be too exhausted to attend parties or social gatherings. I know Dad and I missed a lot of parties we were invited to simply because we were too busy with work or exhausted. When you’re at a conference, the social parties are right there for you to enjoy and take part in. You can even have a drink and not worry about having to drive back to your hotel room.

Jody Stimpson Plumbing
Jody Monoghan from Stimson Plumbing and myself


industry plumbing conference
Karen and Ross Jewell from Sarina

3. You learn more. We should never stop learning. Heading away to a conference forces you to put yourself in an environment where you learn about what is happening in the industry. At last week’s plumbing conference, there were discussions about mental health of tradespeople, licensing and catching unlicensed works and discussions about warm water units and the control of legionnaires disease.

QBCC unlicensed trades

4. You’re inspired to keep working. I left the Plumbing and Gas Conference last week inspired and motivated to not only keep writing my blog, but also get more information about current issues in the industry so I can share what I learn and maybe offer helpful suggestions. The conference had me thinking what can I do to make a positive impact with my skills?

plumbing presentation

5. Professional development for yourself and your business. We all want to be ahead of the rest and going to a conference gives you information and new insights into ways you can run yourself and your business differently.

6. Time away from kids. As much as you love your kids, sometimes a much needed break can help you breathe for a bit. Sometimes a jolt in remembering what it’s like to not have to run around after kids gives a much needed boost to your mental health. You even get to enjoy a HOT coffee and a HOT breakfast. #winning

7. You get to network. This by far is my favourite part. I love meeting new people and making new connections and friends. I had a ball talking with many plumbers, suppliers, business managers and well anyone who decided to come and say hi to me last week. I also got selfies with these people so I could remember them.

With Geoff Kelly from Master Plumbers WA and Col Baldock from Baldocks Plumbing Mackay


Bill Watson
With Bill Watson, MPAQ Council


Zip Industries
With Darren Smallhorne QLD Manager for Zip Industries

8. You are given a platform to ask questions. If you have a burning question about your business, a conference is the best place to ask it because industry professionals are there to answer your questions. Most conferences I’ve been to have a Q&A session where a microphone is available for an audience member to make a comment or ask a question.

plumbing codes australia

9. You get fed good food. Every conference I’ve gone to has always had amazing food. The RACV Royal Pines puts on a spectacular spread. I’m hoping I get to taste another one of those passionfruit curd meringue pies for morning tea at Problogger this week.

passionfruit curd meringues

10. You get to have fun. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the plumbing conference last week ( and all of my Problogger ones). I enjoy the conversations with new people, learning about new products and issues that need solving and I like to being encouraged to think differently. When you head to a conference, you get reminded why you joined that industry in the first place.


A special thank you to the MPAQ for the invitation to present at this years conference. It was a pleasure sharing my story about The Plumbette and encouraging those that attended to be positive no matter what changes happen in your life and to run with the change when it directs you do a different destination.

bec speaking at plumbing conference

To learn when the next Plumbing and Gas conference is on for 2017, head to the MPAQ site to keep updated with industry news or become a member so you are always kept up-to-date with their newsletters and emails.

Do you head away to conferences for your work? Why do you go to them? Who’s heading to Problogger this week?

This post has been written in accordance with my disclosure policy.