A Week of Inconvenience Turned Out Better Than Expected

week of inconvenience

Have you ever had a week of inconvenience which turned out better than expected? This is exactly how I would describe my week.

The inconveniences started when I received 10 emails from Telstra and 4 text messages (all from different mobile numbers) advising me I would be without the internet for approximately 3 days. I was grateful Telstra wanted to advise me of their scheduled maintenance, because I do work from home. But by the 5th email and 3rd text message I wanted to reply I KNOW, thank you for spamming me.

Initially I groaned and thought what crappy timing as it was to be on one of my child-free work days for uploading blogs and social media. But then I realised the dates would work with my other job as I didn’t have any shifts booked those two days (and working internet is a must!).

Unfortunately, my internet was turned off a day BEFORE I had been told it would be (All those Telstra notices lied to me LOL) which of course coincided with my late work shift on Monday night. So off I had to race (thankfully against the traffic) to the office to complete my 5 to 10pm shift.

I’m grateful that when I can’t work from home, there is a back-up plan; however I’m not a fan working out late at night out of home – especially on a school night.

Despite having to go into work, I got to meet another colleague from another team. She had tech issues too. She waited for me to finish for the night so we could walk to our cars together. She needed my arm to walk down the dark hallway and to the lift due to her partial disability. I got to hear her incredible story, and then she got me to jump into her car to see how her car was fitted so she could drive.

The inconvenience of no internet allowed me to have a lovely exchange with another colleague, and another face to put a name to when I work and communicate on Skype. Inconvenience turned to blessing as I could help someone at the office, but also be encouraged by their story.

The next day, our internet was still turned off, so I started decluttering the kitchen. I emptied the cupboards stuffed with platters that had never been used. I put a few things on Facebook Marketplace and made a few dollars which was unexpected.

I also created a donation box with a number of crockery items that I had double or triple ups of. In particular, I had a lot of bowls and casserole dishes. Each of them were from my grandma as every time she would bring over her potato salad for a family get-together (her signature dish), she’d leave the bowl with me and say she didn’t want it back.

Little did I know that mum has had to take Grandma to various stores to buy a new bowl every time she makes her potato salad because she can’t remember what she’s done with them all. Mystery solved! Haha. I’m glad I can return them to Grandma. I bet I will end up with the same collection this time next year and have to deliver them back to her again.

Having the internet off was a pain in the butt. I didn’t realise how much we have come to rely on it. Esther couldn’t do her homework, emails couldn’t be returned and special tv (NETFLIX) couldn’t be turned on. But it allowed me to focus on all the jobs that didn’t require the internet so I got a lot of writing done (no temptations to online shopping or interruptions from emails and social media), decluttered, cleaned, read books and rested when I could.

I’m now a bit behind with my blog work and have no idea how I will fit in what I need to before school holidays start, with back to back shifts and possibly extra hours due to a typhoon. But I always seem to get it done. Don’t we all seem to get stuff done when the pressure is on?

So the lesson for this week is inconveniences can lead to unexpected acquaintances, solved mysteries and blessings. I can’t tell you how fantastic it is to open our platter cupboard and know I don’t need to be inspector gadget to catch any toppling platters.

How has your week been? Ever had a week of inconvenience turn out better than expected? Do you get antsy when the internet is down in your area?