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One of the biggest issues of running a plumbing business from home is storage. A study or bedroom can be converted into an office, and a ute can carry most of your tools, but what about the pipes, fittings and fixtures?

Most times they can be picked up from the retail supplier when needed, but each store has a different policy on what they can keep stored at the back of the warehouse because they also have other customers to consider and need to have space to store their own supplies.

When we did large commercial fit out jobs, sometimes we would win contracts where large quantities of fixtures and would need to be ordered at once (I’m talking 100 toilet suites , 80 basins etc). We would get a cheaper price if we ordered the full quantity at one time rather than the number needed to fit one floor of toilets.

Thankfully our local store manager would draw in supplies as needed from Caroma, and keep a spare floor of fixtures in the warehouse until the next level required to be fitted off.

Had the store manager not been so helpful, I’m not sure what we would have done because you can’t deliver 100 toilets to a construction site, nor will they fit into a standard household garage or store room.

The only solution would be to hire a self storage unit (or two) at Fort Knox Storage and use it all year round to store fixtures and draw upon the supplies when needed. Doing this would mean you would have to insure the contents of the storage unit as anything stored in the facility is your liability.

Some business’s may not get big contracts, but choose to get a better deal on purchasing so many fixtures at a time. They do this so they can offer their customers an economic solution when renovating their bathroom or doing general maintenance like replacing a toilet suite for new.

The next storage issue for our family business was paperwork. One of my pet hates when doing the administration work was archiving files away into boxes. We would store them in the roof of my parents house and when they eventually built a new home, they allowed for a storage room to keep the boxes easily accessible.  These days, paperwork is archived electronically, but it’s always good to have a hard copy of archives because technology can break down.

If you run a business from home, do you need much storage and how do you store your paperwork and supplies?

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