How Confident are You?


Why is it that some people have all the confidence in the world to pursue their dreams and some cower at the thought of taking a risk?

When I reflected, I realized that my current confidence levels relied on past experiences that helped shape me into who I am today. Confidence is not something that can be taught, instead it is instigated by self-belief and is learned as one takes part in new experiences that life has to offer. You can be inspired by another person’s confidence, but it doesn’t necessarily offer you tools to build your own confidence. Often it can plant seeds of doubt on your own abilities.

I was never confident about my decision to become a plumber, but I threw myself into doing an apprenticeship because I knew the outcome I wanted to achieve. It took a lot of mind strength to finish my apprenticeship because I was confident that if I gave up I could get a job anywhere in marketing or administration because of my previous work experience. But I persevered because I didn’t want to live with regret and the lingering question of ‘what if?’ and I’m no quitter. I like to finish what I’ve started.

As a result of being the only female in most of my Tafe classes and dealing with tradesmen on construction sites, I am confident when talking to a room full of men. I am also confident in introducing myself to new people. Had I not experienced working in these environments and developing my self-belief as a skilled tradeswoman, I’m not sure I would have that confidence.

There are so many factors that can prevent one from being confident and it’s important to identify what they are and ways to counteract them.

Eve John is the author of a new Ebook called Confident You! Top Self Confidence Boosters for Women*. The book contains booster tips for women who want to build their self-confidence.

This is what the book is about in a nutshell and it’s only $3.68.

Have you ever thought, rather jealously, “How does she do it?” as you watch the super-confident woman in action? You know these women… they are inspirational, they seem to take on challenges and win, they are graceful at giving compliments and always seem to have the ability to be lazer-focused. They are confident, happy, powerful.

And then there’s you…

If you’ve ever wanted to become the “confident woman” you see in others and finally (!) live the life you deserve, then welcome, this book was written for you!

“Confident You, Top Women Self Confidence Boosters” is a transformational experience for everyday women who want more control and power in their lives.

You’ll discover…

* How to break through the fear that is holding you back


* What to do when you are criticised in your life


* How to be a woman that is focused and achieves things others don’t think possible


* The #1 way to banish that negative inner critic fast


* Insider tips to building confidence and action steps you need to become more confident now and for the rest of your life

Author, Eve John, has included proven methods for developing self-confidence, including action steps so the lessons take root and grow within you. You’ll be inspired by the stories of successful confident women as Eve walks you through her very own process for becoming a confident, empowered woman.

A must have for the library of every modern woman who wants powerful life filled with joy, love, peace and confidence.

I read the book in one sitting and the book inspired me to be more confident in certain areas of my life where I’ve been lacking. I am also mentioned in the beginning of the book where I explain how I had positive role models in my family which enabled me to confidently take risks. I feel very humbled to be included in this book and nothing builds your confidence more when someone writes in their book that they are inspired by what you do.

All the proceeds of this book go to IMPACT for Women, an Australian charity that supports women and children who have fled from family violence.

I’d encourage you to purchase this book if you have issues with self-confidence. Confidence is something that us women battle at one time or another in our life and it can be debilitating and prevent us from living the life we want to live.

How confident are you at the moment? Have you ever battled with self-doubt which has made you less confident?

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*Contains Affiliate Link. This is not a sponsored post, I just wanted to share a new book resource that I have found helpful and had the pleasure of being quoted in.