Doing The Job I Prayed For

doing the job I prayed for

We can often forget what we have now is something we had wanted and prayed for earnestly in the years prior.

Remember you once dreamed of where you are now

Sometimes we don’t realise we are living in the days we prayed for.

Just before Christmas in 2020, I received a Christmas card from a customer at our contact centre.

It was an unusual way to receive a compliment, but one I held onto.

Having worked in the corner of our main bedroom for a few years, I had the odd customer thank me for helping them with their insurance.

Sometimes they would request to speak to a manager to give a compliment. It was encouraged to get customers to write their compliment in. I would share the details, but not all customers would follow through.

But this particular customer did and they went beyond with their compliment. I have kept that card ever since and pinned it on my vision board.

While the card had a lovely compliment for the service I had offered over the phone, that wasn’t the reason why I kept the card.

The customer remembered our conversation. I shared my desire to become a home assessor.  The Christmas card not only acknowledged my dream, they wished me well with my “endeavor of assessing homes.”

Vision board card encouragement

Fast forward to last year and an opportunity came where the home assessor role was advertised at work. I went for the role and got it and have been working as an assessor for the last 6 months.

It hasn’t been easy. I’ve had to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Every day is different and I’ve felt overwhelmed on many occasions. Yet despite having some really tough, big days, I know this job is where I am meant to be.

I recently shared about the Christmas card on my vision board with my manager in a one-on-one. He asked if the card was the reason I became an assessor.

The card wasn’t the reason, but the words of encouragement certainly propelled me forward when the opportunity came.

And the remarkable thing is this lovely customer has no idea that her Christmas card meant so much to me. Her words of encouragement fueled the fire to make the ‘dream job’ a reality.  I’m doing the job I prayed for.

I have questioned if the role is right for me as it is demanding. It wasn’t an easy start with so many tech issues.  It’s also been a big adjustment working full time hours during the day. Sometimes I’ve had to work late at night – especially when I was helping the events team with the floods.

However, as Justin Coulson says, “you’ve got to love the hills”.

And this job has been a hill. A big hill. Probably more like a mountain to be honest.

But I’m still climbing and still learning and still willing to be coached to be the best assessor I can be.

I know I’m the right person for this job. I know my why and sometimes the hardest part is remembering my why when it feels so overwhelming and tough.

That’s why the ‘thank you’s’ and acknowledgements along the way can be a spark of encouragement to keep going.

Sending Christmas cards is not really a done thing anymore and writing a complaint can be more satisfying in the moment, than sending in a compliment.

But I do encourage if you experience awesome service, acknowledge it.

Take the time to recognise the good, the better – even the best – because it can build someone up.

You also don’t know how your words of acknowledgement can propel a dream to life.