Where to Buy a Toilet Mug for Bad Santa

where to get a toilet mug for bad santa

Last Thursday I attended the Women’s Plumbing Alliance Christmas Lunch.

Women's Plumbing Alliance Christmas Event 2020

It was the first and last event of the year.

As part of the festivities, everyone had to bring a Christmas gift under $20 to play Bad Santa.

How to Play Bad Santa

I’ve played this game a few times with groups of friends and the rules can vary.

Basically, everyone is given a number.

The person with number 1 goes up to select a gift and unwraps it.

Person number 2 can either select a new gift or steal person number 1’s gift. Person 3 can open a new gift or steal one of the already opened gifts.

The ruling on Thursday was you could open your gift and decide to keep or steal someone else’s.

No matter what rules you stick to, what I find fascinating is the present which gets stolen the most.

I was proud to announce at my end of the table my present was stolen a few times.

My contribution was a gorgeous cushion cover from Bring on the Boho and a soap from Freshwater Farm.

Bring on the Boho cushion cover
Similar cushion cover to what I gave

However my present wasn’t the most stolen present amongst the women in plumbing.

The Toilet Mug was the most stolen gift and it probably drew the most laughs!

toilet mug for bad santa

For the lovely ladies who missed out on this toilet mug, there are a few places online which have them available.

Catch, Yellow Octopus and Dad Shop all have them in stock for around $20.

They make a great present for a tradie or anyone working in plumbing.

Bad santa gift idea toilet mug
Rachael from Demeter Constructions and Sonya from Hughes Plumbing Contractors

Toilet paper earrings were the next best gift which didn’t get stolen, but were a super cute idea!

If you’re a partner working in the plumbing industry and want to network with other likeminded women, the Women’s Plumbing Alliance offers workshops, mentoring and events.

Keep an eye on this page for updates on events in 2021.

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