Working with your family


I often get asked how it feels to working with your family. We all know the saying ‘you can choose your friends, but not your family’ and there are times where we don’t get along with those in our family. I work well with my dad. In fact Dad and I are similar in the way we deal with clients and in the way we attack our work. We tend to ‘get in and get out’ when it comes to work. It’s this work ethic that has allowed us to have a very successful working relationship.

Working with my dad is great, unfortunately as he gets older, he forgets things and that is where I come in. My dad’s strength and experience are complimentary to my ease of remembering information and giving instructions. We work together as a team. There are times where jobs need two hands and other times when we are in a tight and awkward space which requires one person doing the job and the other person handing tools and fittings to get the job done.

As a female plumber, there are jobs that I physically don’t have the strength to do or plumbing problems that I don’t have the experience in solving and this is where my dad’s expertise is needed.

Working with your family can be a blessing or a curse. In my case it has been a blessing and it’s a privilege working for our family business.

Could you work with your family?