Why I Write


The gorgeous Jodie from Fresh Home Cook asked if I’d like to be a part of the why I write Blog Hop that has been travelling the blogosphere. Despite my blooming belly and impending arrival of bub number three, I was keen to plunge (ha ha) into the challenge, so here is a little about what drives me to write The Plumbette.

What Am I Working On?

Right now, I’m focusing on getting up to date with posts that I want to have published before I have my bub in TWO WEEKS time. I should have a few back up posts for when my bub does arrive but I haven’t. I have got two guest posts lined up… one from Mr Plumbette aka my husband, Jacob who I have asked to write what it’s like to be married to a gorgeous, stunning, mesmirising, super talented, smart and knowledgable… plumber. I’ve also asked a good friend who has recently started her own blog to write what it’s like being married to a tradesman. If you want to help me out with a guest post in the next couple of months that is trade related (or not), send me an email. I also work on my book from time to time about my experience doing a plumbing apprenticeship. It’s been in the editing process for a while. I just want it to finish on a high note and with the recent changes in my life, I’m still figuring out what the ending should be.

How does my writing differ from others in it’s genre?

My writing style has gone on a journey. I thought my readership would be plumbers. But when I started my blog a bit over two years ago, there were hardly any plumbers online and if they were online, they weren’t interested in reading a blog. My analytics showed that I had a lot of interest from women in the 25-45 age bracket and they were mums. For me that was a light bulb moment because I was writing for an audience that didn’t exist (yet) and I needed to harness the audience that was coming to my blog. I opened up more about my life outside of plumbing juggling motherhood and how I relate to God. Interestingly in the last year my statistics have changed to be a male driven audience rather than female so I don’t know how that happened! How I want my writing to differ from others online is I want it to inspire but be authentically real about life and how imperfect it can be, but still be wonderful.

 Why I Write?

I write because I find it easy. I’ve always loved communicating with people and whether it’s writing or speaking in person, it’s something that I not only enjoy doing, but I’m good at. The main reason I write a plumbing blog is to give advice and reassurance to readers about plumbing issues. I also want my blog to act as a bridge of understanding between plumbers and their clients. I’m passionate about explaining why it’s important to use a licensed plumber, I’m not shy to explain why plumbers need to charge a call out fee and I’m not afraid to help local businesses build their online profile through the writing of sponsored posts on my site.

The other aspect of my writing is to show that while I am a plumber, I’m not a tomboy. There is a strong perception that female plumbers or female tradies for that matter are rough and I want to flip that stereotype on it’s head.

The many faces of The Plumbette. No Toms, Dicks or Harrys here ;)
The many faces of The Plumbette. No Toms, Dicks or Harrys here 😉

How does my writing process work?

My posts are inspired by real life. Events that have happened in the past or advice that I’ve been asked in the present get turned into (hopefully) interesting blog posts. Whatever I’m dealing with at the time, I write a post to share it because there is no doubt, someone else going through a similar problem that may need encouragement in their own situation. I don’t share absolutely everything online in my life because some parts are private and need to be kept that way. If I get an idea for a blog post or a title of a blog post, I write it down and refer to it the next time I sit at my computer to write a post.

Who is Next?

The next three blogs that I’m passing the baton to are ones that I enjoy reading and are so different to each other.  All three are inspiring ladies in their own right who interact with me online and I’ve been encouraged by the way they have reached out to me through my blog and social media. I’d encourage you to have their blogs on your reading radar.


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If you write a blog, why do you write?