Upcycle Your Shower Bath Base Into A Pond

Upcycle Your Shower Bath Base Into A Pond

When you demo a bathroom for a renovation, it can result in a lot of debris, which is usually dumped.

Some fixtures can’t be saved because they’ve had to be smashed or they’ve been damaged while they were disconnected.

But if you are able to save your old shower bath base (or even a bath base), why not repurpose it into a pond water feature for the garden?

upcycle bath shower base into a pond

I was impressed when I saw how this shower bath base was upcycled into a pond.

I didn’t realise this base was part of a bathroom demo to allow dad and I to renovate the bathroom, 8 years ago.

old shower bath base

Tip: If you are renovating, think about how you can reuse the fixtures that have been disconnected. Alternatively, you could make some cash by selling it on gumtree for others looking to upcycle.

It took a day’s work to turn this old shower bath base into a beautiful water feature outside artist, Deb Mostert’s studio.

digging hole for pond water feature

The plug hole was siliconed in and the tray was lined to ensure no leaks. Rocks and a sleeper were placed around the pond base to blend it into the garden and provide platforms for frogs and lizards.

water pond in garden

upcycle a shower bath base into a pond

I can only imagine the tranquil sounds it brings to the studio and the plentiful inspiration for Deb’s art.

Deb painted our late Bentley a few years ago so we could always have a reminder of him in our living area. My parents commissioned the artwork and I received it for my Birthday. It’s one of my favourite wall art pieces in our home.

dog artwork corner deb mostert

When I saw Deb’s pond, I knew I had to share it with you. After sharing this post with her, she reminded me of my part in her bathroom renovation and the connection to the shower base.

Deb had good memories of bathing her 3 kids in the bath when they were little. When it was disconnected, she did not want it to be wasted.

Having a big shed to store items no longer in use has allowed Deb to repurpose and recycle many items in her home over the 32 years of living in the one property.

The pond has now become a home to fish, frogs and lizards and it makes a delightful feature to the garden with that bush outlook.

goldfish in the pond

So next time you do a bathroom reno, don’t throw away the old shower bath base.

Consider how it can be used in another part of your home, or at least store it until the right project comes to mind.

Have you ever upcycled or repurposed a disconnected plumbing fixture into something new?