4 Tips on Running Your Air Conditioner Cost Effectively Throughout Winter

Air Conditioner Cost Effectively Throughout Winter

Feeling the chill but don’t want the bill pain from heating your home through your reverse cycle air conditioner in winter? Check out these 4 tips on running your air conditioner cost effectively throughout winter. 

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When the temperature gets as chilly as it has done recently, the urge to crank up the heating inside your house can be hard to resist. Many of us approach our air conditioner with some trepidation; we often believe it will come back to haunt us when the quarterly energy bill arrives. But it is possible to use your air con to keep warm in winter without the household budget constantly in the back of your mind.

Here are some of the most effective ways to have your air conditioner running without burning a hole in your wallet.

Tips for Running Your Air Conditioner Cost Effectively Throughout Winter

Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance

First and foremost is maintaining your air conditioner so it runs with optimal energy efficiency. This includes keeping a regular schedule for having your air conditioner ducts cleaned. Most homes can get away with having them cleaned once every two or three years. However, if you have pets, are prone to allergies or respiratory problems, or have toddlers or elderly people living in the house, you may want to consider having them cleaned every six months. Duct cleaning removes any build up of dust, dirt and debris that forces the air conditioner to work harder to provide a suitable level of performance.

Maintenance also typically includes thermostat testing, checking the refrigerant gas levels, and a comprehensive clean out of the filters, motors, fans and other components. We also suggest making sure your vents are free of dust and dirt. You can do this easily; simply remove the vents and use a vacuum cleaner to remove any dust and dirt.

Turn The Air Conditioner On Earlier

Our second recommendation is to start running your air conditioner before the temperature drops and you start to really feel the cold. In the summer months we’d suggest cooling the room with the air con before the heat kicks in. That way the system doesn’t need to work as hard to get – and keep – the room temperature down as it does when the temperature has already reached its peak. The same applies in the cooler months of the year; turn up the heating before you feel like you need it. That way you can get the room temperature to the level of comfort you want, with the least amount of energy expended.

Now you may think that running it longer might result in higher energy bills. That’s understandable. However, because you’ve turned on the heating earlier and the room has reached a level of warmth, the air conditioner uses less power to keep the room warm. It’s basically working smarter rather than harder, which can actually be better for your household budget.

Set A Suitable Room Temperature

Speaking of a comfortable room temperature, this brings us to suggestion number three. Keep your thermostat set to 22-24 degrees celsius. This is considered to be the optimal room temperature range, and setting it at a higher temperature can force the air conditioner to use more energy to maintain it.

Insulate The Doors and Windows

It’s a simple measure, but an oh so effective one. Cold air will find a way into your home, and cracks or gaps in doors and windows make for an easy entry point. Insulating your doors and windows will reduce the amount of cool air coming in and therefore make it easier on your air conditioning system. Being mindful to keep your doors and windows closed when you’re trying to heat the house is also smart.

Double glazing your windows is a highly effective method of insulation. Not only does it aid with reducing unwanted noise from outside, but it can also help retain much of the 40% of heat energy that commonly escapes through windows.

Smarter = More Effective and Efficient

Maintaining a comfortable indoor climate is something we all strive for no matter what time of the year. Doing so in a way that is both cost effective and energy efficient is even better. Smarter use of your air conditioner will certainly provide you with the climate control you need, with a reduced carbon footprint and without the exorbitant energy bills.

Hopefully with these tips you’ll be able to stay toasty warm this winter!

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