5 Things To Consider Before Purchasing a Portable Fire Pit

portable fire pit

A portable fire pit is a practical choice for the backyard when you don’t want to have a designated fire pit area, all year round.

In Brisbane, winter is quite mild and more people would opt for a pool than a fire pit due to the climate so a portable fire pit is ideal.

portable fire pit brisbane

There are some points to consider before purchasing a portable fire pit. Here’s what you need to check before you purchase one for the backyard.

1. Check for fire bans before you fire up

It’s important to check with your local council or shire on the regulations around fires on your property. Most councils will allow a BBQ or similar appliance for lighting a fire. But always check before you light up – especially if you’re in an area where a fire prohibition has been put in place. You can’t light a fire pit in a fire banned area.

If you reside in Brisbane, you can light a fire in the backyard providing

the fire is used to cook food for human consumption in a barbecue or similar structure (but not a fire on the ground)

2. Control the flame and smoke

It’s important to control the flames and smoke emitted from the fire pit. Don’t stoke the fire to create large flames. Also remember, you cannot cause a smoke nuisance to your neighbours and you can be fined if the smoke is excessive. Manage the flame by only burning seasoned dry firewood.

3. Position in the open air

A fire pit should be exposed out in the open air to allow for the escape of smoke and for safety. Fire pits emit a bit of mess, so an open, paved or gravel area in the yard is ideal. Ensure its level ground to avoid the fire pit spilling out onto the ground.

If you position on the grass, use pavers or bricks to protect the lawn from scorch marks. You can get fire pits with stands so they don’t sit on the floor.

Don’t position the fire pit where there are overhanging branches or trees in case they catch on fire.

4. Ensure adequate seating

Most people like to gather around the fire pit, so having chairs in timber or outdoor furniture that can withstand the elements outside are ideal.

5. Supervision is a must

Kids love sitting around a fire and roasting marshmallows. Even though our fire pit is heat resistant, safety needs to be considered around fires. Adult supervision is a must around fire pits. It’s also important the fire is well put out after use. Be sure to check for embers and use water to put out the fire.

adult supervision around fire pits

We got our fire pit from Bunnings on the weekend. It cost $89 plus the fire wood for $15 a bag.

If you want one for your yard, here are some I found under $300.

Portable Fire Pits Under $300

backyard portable fire pits

  1.  Black Iron Round Citadel Fire Pit $164
  2.  Morocco 60cm Rust Fire Pit $99 (on sale)
  3. Jumbuck Fire Pit Brazier BBQ Combo $89
  4. Glow Valley Fire Pit $149
  5. Black Steel Fire Pit $79.95
  6. Flex Furniture Rust Round Steel Fire Pit $249
  7. Collective Sol Atacama Fire Pit $279
  8. Jumbuck Rustic Iron Fire Bowl with Stand $159

Do you have a portable fire pit you bring out each winter? What’s you’re favourite thing to do around the fire pit?

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