Donate Men’s Toiletries to Brisbane Youth Service for Young Men in Need

young men in need being helped by Brisbane Youth Service

If you want to assist young men in need, I’m sharing about Brisbane Youth Service. Men’s toiletries donated to BYS will help these young men in an immediate and practical way.

Back in May, I attended the second Kids Business Brisbane Bloggers brunch at Victoria Golf Park.

One of the aspects I enjoy most about the brunch is the awareness made for a local non-for-profit charity.

Last year it was Share The Dignity, and I showed you how to fill a handbag with hygiene products and donate it to women in need.

This year, the supported charity was for Brisbane Youth Service, providing housing and health services to young people in the 12-25 years age group.

I met Tamasin Chugg, the Strategic Partnerships Coordinator, at the Bloggers Brunch and asked what their immediate needs were for the young people they were assisting.

Men’s toiletries were top of the list. While they have a donations wish list, toiletries for young men are much sought after.

I have put together a toiletries bag with some of the listed needs asked for from the wish list.

mens toiletries for men in need

And I’m asking you, whether you would consider donating some toiletries to Brisbane Youth Service.

Key items to donate to young men in need

• Large Men’s Shampoo
• Large Men’s Shower Gel
• Roll on Deodorant
• Suncream
• Bandaids
• Toothbrush and toothpaste

To understand more about Brisbane Youth Service and how they help our young people, Tamasin shared these details with me and how we as a greater community are able to assist.

With a vision to provide ‘New Futures for Young People’, Brisbane Youth Service (BYS) has been operating in Brisbane since 1977. In that time, BYS has helped tens of thousands of young people (aged 12-25) experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless, and their accompanying children. BYS assist vulnerable young people to find and maintain appropriate housing, address physical and mental health issues, build positive relationships and engage in education, training and employment.

With a 68% rise in homelessness in inner city Brisbane from 2011-2016, services such as those offered by BYS get busier every year (ABS, 2016). Last year 1,355 young people accessed ongoing support from BYS (↑7%) and a further 1,505 (↑27%) people were assisted through casual contact such as phone triage or street outreach. 41% of BYS clients are young men, this includes individuals and a number of young dads.

young man in need

The challenges and needs of the young men accessing BYS services are diverse and complex, many are at risk of or are experiencing mental health issues, substance use issues, family breakdown, violence, rough sleeping and disengagement from employment or education. Many of the young men have their quality of life further challenged with cognitive or intellectual disabilities, or they are on the autism spectrum.

Data from 2017/18 shows the positive impact BYS has on the lives of young people including a 71% reduction in homelessness, 60% fewer young people at risk of suicide, employment increases from 5% to 20% and a 71% reduction in exposure to serious violence.

young men getting help by Brisbane Youth Service

Today, I am reaching out to you to request your support in assisting the young men and young people who access BYS.

There is an ongoing need for non-financial donations at BYS for young people accessing their services. Non-perishable food items and toiletries are always in high demand. Please see the BYS website for key items of need. If you are able to donate some of these items, please join me in helping BYS support young people to create new futures.

donating to young men in need

If you wish to donate items which can be easily posted in the mail

Finally, as part of BYS crisis relief, staff members often hand out $10-$15 Coles gift cards so young people are able to buy food for themselves when they need it. If you would like to donate prepaid Coles cards instead of items they would be very welcomed (please simply ensure these cards are linked to supermarkets only and not linked to liquor stores).

How to make your donation to BYS

You can deliver your donations straight to their head office if you reside in Brisbane.

Brisbane Youth Service
42 McLachlan Street
Fortitude Valley 4006

Alternatively, you can post items to

Tamasin Chugg
Strategic Partnerships Coordinator
P.O. Box 1389
Fortitude Valley 4006

BYS specifically supports young people in Brisbane, as that’s where I reside. If you live elsewhere within Australia, BYS would still appreciate your support.

young people in brisbane BYS