Eco-Friendly Makeup Wipes You Need in Your Bathroom

    eco-friendly makeup wipes to reduce landfill

    If you have been looking for eco-friendly makeup wipes which are kinder to your skin, to the environment and to your back pocket, you need Beauty Mover in your life.

    Wipes are an unnecessary evil to our sewerage systems. And they come in a range of forms

    • Baby Wipes
    • Hand Wipes
    • Toilet Wipes
    • Makeup Wipes
    • Cleaning Wipes
    • Window Wipes
    • BBQ cleaning Wipes

    I think we have a wipe for EVERYTHING. And I do love the convenience of a wipe. But they do add to landfill and unfortunately, they are being flushed down the toilet, causing thousands of dollars to remove from our local sewer treatment plants.

    Swamp Monster from TasWater
    Wipes Swamp Monster from TasWater – A nationwide problem due to wipes

    I still use wipes and won’t judge anyone for doing so, so long as they disposed of accordingly. There is a time and a place. Like that time Phoebe spewed in our hire car while driving down the Crowne Range. That packet of baby wipes was worth its weight in gold while we cleaned her and the car out.

    Or cleaning dirty hands after the kids have been on a playground. One bout of conjunctivitis to MY eye, was enough to convince me wipes and hand sanitizer are needed in public places with kids.

    But there are eco-friendly alternatives becoming available – and some of these conveniences we take for granted can sometimes be swapped with sustainable alternatives.

    Eco-Friendly Makeup Wipes

    One area I’ve wanted to decrease my reliance on wipes is when removing my makeup.

    I am adamant about removing makeup everyday and will not go to sleep until my face is cleaned. I usually rely on a makeup wipe to remove the bulk of my makeup, and a cleanser to ensure anything left is washed away.

    I was sent a pack of Beauty Mover wipes to test and review. In the pack, I got three applicators, which are re-useable, non-toxic and only need water to rinse makeup off.

    Beauty Mover eco-friendly makeup wipes in bathroom

    After each use, you can wash with mild soap and leave to dry for the next time you need to remove your makeup. After a week, you can put your Beauty Mover in the wash – but don’t add fabric softener.

    Beauty Mover applicator close up

    I was impressed with my first wipe. They are so soft and easy to use and they certainly took off my makeup. It didn’t take away all my waterproof mascara, but this is why I use a cleanser.

    Using Beauty Mover Makeup Wipes in Bathroom

    Beauty Mover Can Be Upcycled

    One of the other surprising benefits to Beauty Mover is once they have had their use and need to be replaced, they can be upcycled into tyres or insulation. Just send them back to Beauty Mover and they will organise for your old wipes to be upcycled. It’s a great sustainable solution we can all get behind.

    replace makeup wipes with beauty mover

    Beauty Mover can be purchased direct from site. One pack is $29.95 and free shipping is included. I reckon these would make a great gift for yourself or all the women in your life for Christmas. Plus it’s just one step towards removing our reliance on the unsustainable one-use makeup wipe.

    Disclosure: I was gifted a pack of Beauty Mover for review on Instagram, but I loved the product so much I dedicated a blogpost to it. All opinions are my own.