Emma Sleep Mattress Review

    Emma Mattress Review

    Emma Sleep has expertly designed mattresses backed by sleep research to ensure a superior sleep experience. Check out our Emma Sleep Mattress Review! We were sent two mattresses from Emma Sleep to review and test if the mattresses do as they claim.

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    A good day starts with a good night’s sleep! If we want to live an optimal life, getting good sleep is the key.

    However, that is easier said than done.

    It’s believed the average person spends about one third of their life asleep in bed. For those of us caring for children, we may lose a third of that third due to sleepless nights from settling a baby through to the teething toddler. And when we make it through to the primary, high school years and beyond, early morning starts are required for sport and late-night pick-ups for social events.

    Sleep is something we don’t always get enough of no matter what season of life we find ourselves in.

    It makes sense if we want to ensure a good nights’ sleep, the mattress we sleep on should support a daily function that is necessary for our health and wellness.

    Our mattress is still going strong, with no plans for an immediate update.

    However, our kids’ mattresses were in need for a replacement. This was blaringly clear when we updated my middle daughter’s room for her birthday and noticed there was a well pronounced dip after replacing the linens to work with a new room theme.

    When Emma Sleep reached out to review some of their mattresses, I knew I had the best critics to test them out and confirm if the mattresses lived up to their claims.

    About Emma Sleep

    Emma Sleep believes in making great sleep accessible to all Aussies. By using the latest foam technologies, the best materials and working with product designers, engineers and sleep experts, Emma Sleep has provided mattresses to revolutionize sleep.

    Winning over 40+ awards worldwide, numerous consumer associations and testing facilities agree that Emma Sleep creates the best sleeping solutions.

    Emma Sleep mattress in a box in white styled bedroom

    We were sent the Emma Comfort Plus and Emma Luxe Breeze in King Single sizes for my teen and tween.

    Here is what we loved about Emma Sleep.

     Hassle-free delivery

    The delivery by Emma Sleep was prompt. It was scheduled for next day delivery when the mattresses were ordered. While there was an issue with the delivery address, as soon as I emailed and alerted the customer service team via their website, my email was acknowledged, and the driver was contacted to ensure the mattresses weren’t delivered 5 doors down the street. The team at Emma Sleep were prompt and ensured the delivery process was hassle free and not delayed.

    Emma Sleep Mattress Review

    Easy to assemble

    The mattresses are delivered in a box. Instructions can be downloaded with the QR code or there is a brochure inside the box to refer to.

    An Emma Sleep tool can be used to cut the plastic wrap around the mattress to allow it to unfold and rise.

    Rolled Emma Mattress from box in white iron bedframe

    The mattress will expand instantly but takes 5 hours to rise to full shape.
    Emma Sleep mattress unrolled and needs to rise

    Emma Mattress risingEmma Mattress Review

    Supportive and cosy sleep experience

    My teen loves sleeping on her new mattress. In her words, the Emma Comfort Plus mattress says what it means. It feels comfy and supportive for sleep and its where she wants to retreat to when wanting to relax with some iPad downtime or reading a book. It’s soft but firm at the same time.

    Esther's all white bedroom with Emma Sleep mattress

    “Sleeping on marshmallow-like clouds”, was the description from my tween, who has been sleeping on the Emma Luxe Breeze. This mattress received the best cooling mattress award from bestmattressau for its advanced temperature regulation to help keep cool while sleeping.

    My tween is a hot night sleeper – even in winter. Yet she hasn’t felt hot sleeping on the mattress and the medium-soft feel of the mattress has ensured a great night’s sleep with less wakeups from tossing when hot.


    While we were gifted two of the mattresses to try, Emma Sleep were already on our radar due to need and affordability. We were in need of replacing the mattresses to our tween and teen’s rooms as their current mattresses were the ones they had transferred to from their cot.

    When finances are stretched, it can be a big hit at once when purchasing mattresses for your kids. Emma Sleep mattresses are affordable and right now they have a sale on their range of mattresses to suit the fussiest sleeper.

    Emma Sleep Mattress Review


    Emma Sleep offer free delivery and returns, with a 100-night trial and 10-year warranty. Check out Emma Sleep and invest in Australia’s most awarded mattress brand. You can take the online quiz to find the right mattress for your needs.