Find Your Second Runabout Family Car with Ken Mills Toyota

Ken Mills Toyota Red Yaris Cross runabout family car

One family car is doable for many years when the kids are young. But fast forward to when the kids attend different schools, have after school activities and mum and dad are at work, a second runabout family car will be a lifesaver. Ken Mills Toyota offers a range of choice for small to mid-sized models to suit your needs.

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When I was an apprentice, I had a little runabout car; a red Toyota Yaris.

It was a zippy car to drive and the fact it was red… well that’s my favourite colour so I loved my Toyota Yaris.

I found the Yaris easy to squeeze into street parking in the city and when all the seats were down, it could fit two toilet pans and their cisterns, two basins and boxes of tapware and accessories.

I have fond memories of that Toyota Yaris, but then we traded it in for a Toyota Hilux Ute.

It was a more practical choice for our plumbing business when picking up and delivering gear to worksites.  For my driving ability though, it wasn’t as easy as the Yaris to maneuver into side street loading zones.  I also nearly rolled it when turning a corner too fast – in the rain – with no load in the back. I count that experience as a lucky escape.

Fast forward 15 years later, Toyota is still a much loved brand of car for our family. Our Kluger was a problem solver when trying to fit 3 cars seats in the back when our kids were under 4. The 7 seater now offers us extra room with the kids in primary school. They can be easily spaced during trips and the boot space is awesome when we head away on holidays.

We’ve managed with a single car for all our family life, but it’s become evident a second car will be needed for drop offs and pick ups to after school activities and ease for getting to work.

It doesn’t need to be as big as our Kluger. Size and affordability are my main concerns with purchasing a new car.

The brand new Toyota Yaris Cross GX is on my list to test drive. It’s the size I need and it’s now packed with more features my original Yaris didn’t have.

Red Toyota Yaris Cross Ken Mills Toyota

The Yaris comes in a variety of different versions where you can get the Sport, Hybrid and Cross.

The Yaris Cross is the largest out of the Yaris cars, but not as big as the Corolla. It’s also fitted with a full suite of safety tech which Toyota is well known for. I love how there is an emergency button which can be pressed if I find myself in a dangerous situation and it will send out a distress signal.

Ken Mills Toyota has many options for the second runabout car most families find they need when their kids start high school. It’s an even more ideal car to teach learner’s in as they start their driving experience on the road.

But heck, I’m getting ahead of myself! We need to settle on the right car first.

Why Ken Mills Toyota?

The last year has prompted the importance of supporting local with our purchasing decisions. When you buy a car from a dealership like Ken Mills Toyota, you can expect personalised customer service while staff find the right car for your situation.

A local trip up north may enable you to find that second runabout car your family needs, while making a road trip out of the experience.

If you are in the position of researching a second runabout car for your family, use a trusted dealer like Ken Mills Toyota to assist with your final choice. You can’t go wrong with Toyota.

Disclosure: This post has been written in accordance with my disclosure policy. All opinions are my own.