Home Maintenance: February 2020

home maintenance february 2020

Yes, I know it’s the end of March, but February flew by and March is being overtaken by COVID-19.  My to-do list now has a tick against ‘share our home maintenance for February 2020’.

For a short month, we got a lot of things done in the house.

I didn’t think we would because in February we celebrate 2 Birthdays. But we got more done than I realized. Here’s what we got up to.

Home Maintenance in February 2020

Service Zip Hydrotap

Our Zip Hydrotap needed a service and a new pump replacement. The hot water wouldn’t dispense when we pressed the lever. I love my Zip Hydrotap and didn’t realise how much we relied on it for our tea and coffee. Too many times we’d head to the sink to make a cuppa and sigh because we had to put the kettle on. #firstworldproblems

Zip Hydrotap Maintenance Hydrotap in kitchen sink

Made a Bee Watering Station

The kids and I did some outdoor craft projects together. Our first project was making a Bee Watering Station.

After all the rain we head this year, I didn’t think the bees needed water… but I was wrong. You can read why it’s important to have a bee watering station in your backyard. These aren’t technically home maintenance, but they were projects we did around the home in February. They could be a project you do with the kids at home in isolation.

bee watering station next to hibiscus home maintenance

Upcycled a Jar into a Bird Feeder

If you’re allergic to bees, maybe do this craft instead: upcycle a jar into a bird feeder.

upcycle a jar into a bird feeder home maintenance

We’ve always had a bird feeder in the tree on our front lawn and I wanted to add a second bird feeder. We get a lot of rainbow lorikeets, cockatoos, pigeons, galahs, corellas and even a rare visit from a rosella .

The cockatoos were smart and tipped the jar to put seed all over our lawn. Still a worthwhile project, nevertheless.

Installed Retractable Garden Hose Reels

For Jacob’s Birthday, I bought two retractable hose reels. It’s been on his Birthday list for a few years and with home maintenance our key focus this year, it was the perfect gift.

home maintenance retractable hose reel

I chose the Pope brand and it’s made such a difference to our yard. No more garden hoses left on the lawn!

Pressure Cleaned Outdoor Area

Keeping with the outdoor theme, we also pressure cleaned our outdoor alfresco area. It was covered in dust and dirt. I washed the furniture covers and wiped them down with purify essential oil to deter mice and geckos.

home maintenance pressure cleaning outdoor area

Finished Painting Playroom Doors

Jacob also finished painting the doors for the kids playroom. That was an effort and a half. We are kind of over painting now. Will get back to it later in the year.

painting doors home maintenance

Purchased Cushions for Playroom Daybed

I received a text from Pillow Talk enticing me with a million dollar clearance sale. I headed straight to store to get cushions to update the playroom. Unfortunately, none of the cushions I wanted were on sale, but I was happy with my shop. Still need artwork and a rug to finish the room.

home maintenance updated cushions

Updated the Storage in my Ensuite

I also used a voucher to purchase this bamboo shelving unit from Target to update the storage next to our vanity in the ensuite. So far, it’s still tidy and I’m loving it.

bamboo storage in ensuite bathroom home maintenance

It won’t be long till I will be sharing another post of what we got up to in March.

What home maintenance projects have you got on your list to get done this year?