I Went to a Low-Tox Cleaning Make & Take Event and LOVED it

low-tox cleaning make and take

Yesterday I went to a Low-Tox Cleaning Make & Take Event at Oils for Life Australia, and I loved it.

Bec and Reeda at low-tox cleaning make and take

It was the event to kick start using my oils more than just for making me or my house smell nice.

I have shared Oils for Life Australia on the blog before. It’s where you can get glass bottles and reputable ingredients to make your products when using your essential oils. I went here to get my ingredients to make my room air freshener and linen spray.

Attending the event cost $35, and we were given the bottles, ingredients and recipes to make our own cleaners.

At the event I learned how to make

  • All Purpose Surface Spray
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Toilet Pods (bath bombs that clean the toilet bowl)
  • Soft Scrub (abrasive cleaner)
  • Foaming Hand Wash

low-tox cleaners make and take

When Jacob and I were newlyweds, I went about making my own cleaners using a recipe I found on Simple Savings. I saved a lot of money, but I was dubious on its effectiveness as I would get streaks, which was not ideal.

When kids came along and convenience was needed, I swapped back to the store bought cleaners. I’ve even used cleaners which have been dubbed ‘eco-friendly’.

Why make my own cleaners?

I’ve become motivated to make my own cleaners for a few reasons.

The first is to stop ongoing landfill of empty cleaning bottles bought from store.

The second is to find cheaper alternatives.

The third is to find different uses for my collection of oils. Now that I have a near complete set, I want to use them more around my home.

The Plumbette Essential Oil Collection

The fourth reason is to limit fumes and toxins that may be in my home because I’ve bought these store bought cleaners. Also, I want to prevent harmful cleaners flushed down the toilet or down the drain.

The only thing preventing me from making the cleaners was getting the ingredients, bottles and having the time.

I was meant to do some social media work on Monday night and saw an advertised event for a Low-Tox Cleaning Make & Take. It was at a timeslot I could attend. So I booked it and I’m glad I did.

low-tox cleaning make and take

After making my products, I used them at home straight away. I cleaned the toilet first. Ha! Of course! I am very happy with the scent and results.

making low-tox cleaning products

The Plumbette making low-tox cleaners

Next I was given a sample of soapberries, which I have read a lot about after doing the washing powder experiment with the Today show.

soap berries low-tox cleaning

I was impressed with the results of the washing too after putting a full load on. I did add lavender infused vinegar during the rinse cycle because I do like a bit of scent on my clothes. I will write more about these after I use them more. I’ve nearly run out of my bulk-buy laundry powder so I’m thinking of going with the berries next.

Now that I’ve been to the event, it’s given me the motivation to convert many of my cleaning practices to low-tox.

low-tox cleaners

If you live in Brisbane, and you’re curious about making your own cleaning products, definitely book into session. You can check out the local events via the Oils for Life Australia Facebook page and Vitalia with Reeda Close.

Are you into low-tox cleaning? Have you found low-tox cleaning make a difference to your life?