Merry Christmas and Thank You

    Merry Christmas

    I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling weary this Christmas.

    2019 has certainly been a year of ups and downs, unexpected curve balls, testing and everything else in between.

    This time last year, we had just flown back into Brisbane from America and I was going to host Christmas lunch the next day. As crazy as that reads, the year has followed a similar way.

    Earlier in the year there was the diagnosis of my meningioma and I wasn’t sure if I was looking at having immediate surgery. Thankfully, it’s a monitor and wait situation.

    I had an MRI last week and won’t know the results till the girls go back to school in the new year. It will be interesting to see if there has been any change or growth. I’m praying there hasn’t been any.

    We’ve also finished the year with Christmas parties, Christmas performances and work shifts literally back-to-back.

    The bushfires are a worry and tomorrow when I wake up with Jacob and the kids to open presents, it won’t be the same for households down south and out west.

    I thank our volunteer fire fighters for sacrificing time spent with family and even work in these past weeks, to help save homes and families from these fires. They truly are a testament to the Aussie spirit and should be compensated for their time and bravery.

    I will definitely be thinking of families who have lost everything in these fires, experiencing a somewhat different Christmas to how they imagined.

    With fires moving and opinions escalating, it’s been a testing time for our country.

    It was good to bring Christmas cheer to Brisbane though.

    Southbank Christmas Spectacular

    My older two girls were involved in the Christmas Extravaganza at Southbank. Maggie was a reindeer and Esther was an elf.

    Elf and Reindeer

    The lead-up was chaotic dropping the girls to practices while navigating work shifts, however it was an experience my girls will never forget. Nor will I. Their smiles to the audience while they danced and waved gave me tears of pride. I was so proud of their hearts and energetic smiles. It reminded me the effort was worth it. It beat watching the Christmas parade and house lights, which are traditions we just didn’t get time to do this year.

    Christmas Southbank Spec

    Another thing we didn’t get time to do was get a ‘real’ Santa photo. Well, we did get a free one, but Santa looks more weary than jolly (he is a wonderful bloke in real life!). Note to self: be more organised to pay for a Santa photo in 2020.

    Christmas santa photo for 2019

    And while I may be weary – and I still have 1 night shift left tonight, I’m thankful for the family I have around me.

    I’m thankful for the wonderful community I have here at The Plumbette.

    I’m thankful for my job and the opportunities I get at work to help people.

    The list is endless for all that I am thankful and grateful for.

    Most of all though, I’m thankful to God for how he has protected our family this year. How he has created connections for me this year with finding the right health professionals, to even bringing new work opportunities I haven’t had to seek.

    And the greatest gift of all, I’m thankful for Christmas. While I am quick to notice negativity in the world, I am also aware of my own shortcomings and failures and I’m grateful for the new promise of hope that Jesus’ birth brought for myself and all humanity.

    a weary world rejoices Merry Christamas and Thank You

    And so, it’s my prayer this Christmas that you have those dear to you, near to you. If they are far away, may you feel loved from afar. And for those who have members now residing in another realm, may you know how deeply you’re loved and may memories with those loved ones be treasures you hold onto dearly.

    I have a good feeling about 2020. I like even numbers. But like any new year, I love the anticipation of a new slate. New dreams to accomplish, more people to bless.

    Merry Christmas Message

    And so, I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.Thank you for reading my blog and for all your prayers and support in 2019. I’m grateful for every single one of you. Be blessed. x