Preventative Maintenance to get Your Home Prepared for a Pandemic

Preventative Maintenance to get Your Home Prepared for a Pandemic

What preventative measures should you undertake to get your home prepared for a pandemic? Preparing adequate food, water supplies and toilet paper are only part of the planning process and we’ve been told in Australia they aren’t necessary. This post will hopefully share some preventative plumbing maintenance to consider.

Part of my freelance work involves sharing content on social media. As a result, I’ve seen some crazy opinions, predictions and antics about Coronavirus (COVID-19) which have required a scroll. Sometimes an eye roll.

But one particular post on Twitter from a plumber in the UK grabbed my attention.


A Plumber’s Dilemma

A plumber shared a video saying he had a dilemma and wanted to know what he should do.

He had been called out to replace a pump for a customer as they had no heating or hot water (which if you’re living in the UK during winter, is much needed!) but the customer was in isolation due to Coronavirus.

The plumber turned to his social network to ask what should he do? Should he wear the necessary PPE and get the customer to isolate in an alternate room, or just avoid the call out altogether? (Knowing the customer would be uncomfortable with no heating)

Plumbers provide an essential service to the community. The majority of plumbers I know do their job because they want to help people.

I could understand this plumber’s dilemma because he really wanted to help.

But the self-isolating disclosure meant if he chose to help, he was not only putting himself at risk, but also his family and anyone he’d come into contact with after completing the job. Let alone the cost to his business and not being available to his other customers.

I found many of the responses interesting. Some plumbers said do it and wear the appropriate PPE and take necessary precautions asking the customer to remain in a different room, while others said he needed to put himself  first and don’t go.

pandemic prevention for homes

In Australia, there are strict quarantine requirements and many plumbing companies have responded with new processes on how to conduct business during the pandemic.

Screening questions on whether anyone in the home is sick should be mandatory to protect staff.

While no one wants to contemplate contracting Coronavirus, it’s prompted me to consider how well prepared my home is for a pandemic.

Could regular maintenance to the pump have prevented a call out to the plumber? Who knows, but it’s certainly made me even more determined to keep on top of the maintenance in my own home.

After thinking about this plumber’s dilemma, I’d say prevention is the best approach to get your home prepared for a pandemic. With winter on it’s way, you should consider getting your hot water unit, ducted heating and gas appliances inspected and tested.

hot water inspected before pandemic hits home

Thankfully, many hot water systems and ducted units are installed outside the home in Australia. Gas appliances are inside and would most likely require being serviced after isolation has taken place and the threat of the coronavirus has passed.


Is your home prepared for a pandemic? When was the last time a plumber looked at your hot water unit? Have you got your heater serviced in preparation for winter?