The Best Toilet Paper Memes of 2020

the best toilet paper memes of 2020

As we count down to the new year, I’m sharing the best toilet paper memes of 2020. 

If there was one thing we all survived this year, it was the toilet paper crisis of 2020.

While we can laugh about the panic buying now, it sadly brought unnecessary despair for those vulnerable in our society. If there is one thing we can all agree on, being kind during a pandemic will bring you peace than pointless hoarding.

Having said that, the toilet paper memes came out in full force and humour was unraveled as we navigated the chaos of finding a packet of loo paper.

It was a no brainer that consumers would resort to the one thing our waste and water utilities advised NOT to use – the wet wipe. But it wasn’t just wet wipes. It was tissues, paper towels and whatever napkins were available. This kept plumbers busy unblocking drains.

plumbers in gold
This meme was shared in a construction group I’m apart of. Not sure where it originated from.

As it turned out, the panic buying was indeed foolish, with some hoarding enough rolls to create a Christmas Tree!

As one customer said to me on the phone when discussing the current state affairs of lockdown and unnecessary hoarding of toilet paper, “I thought Coronavirus gave you a runny nose, not a runny a*se!”

And with that flow-on-effect, here are some of the best toilet paper memes of 2020. Most of them are quotes which were cleverly articulated and sadly, resonated with us all.

The Best Toilet Paper Memes of 2020

Looking for alternatives…

Indoor plants as toilet paper

When toilet paper is currency!

toilet paper currency


When childhood movie memories become reality
toilet paper and beauty and the beast

Remembering to be frugal…toilet paper meme wheel of fortunePranks involving toilet paper as prizes

toilet paper in claw game machine

Remodeling the toilet for a pandemic

remodeling a toilet for a pandemic

Crude, but sadly true

toilet paper crisis memeBuying enough to last 3 decades…

Enough toilet paper to last for decades meme

Let’s hope 2021 will bring out the best in humanity and not the worst should we face such crises again.